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Male 29 Jul 2015
Yukon wolf Ortus
The most notable trait that the wolf Kirin Rune possesses is his size. Hailing from a pack of pure Yukon wolves, he comes from an unadulterated and honorable bloodline of intelligent apex predators. His people pride themselves on their capacity for intellectual learning whilst maintaining the traditions of the Old Ways; the preservation of the natural way of life led by their ancestors. Although his people appreciate and cherish the ability to shape shift, they have a natural aversion to their bipedal forms, and prefer the feral wolf body over their Optime form.

The picture of virility with his barrel chest and broad shoulders, Kirin stands 91 centimeters to his shoulder and weighs 52.16 kilograms in his feral (lupus) form. When he shifts to his bipedal (Optime) form he reaches 221 centimeters in height and weighs 142.9 kilograms. Although it is generally concealed by his naturally thick coat, he has well defined musculature in each of his forms.


Taking after his father in pattern, his pelt is a black and crème contrast. With his base color Black Russian (charcoal black), his pelt fades to Mongoose (tawny) midtones and Solitaire (sandy cream) undertones. He has a thick, bushy tail and a dense mane to protect his neck and throat from injury during a fight. His ears are lined with the same color as his underbelly, and his snout, cheeks, and eyes feature the same color as well. Although his face is primarily cream in color, he has a melanistic half-mask that comes down over his forehead and forms points around his eyes. Taking after his mother he has Light Slate Gray irises that reveal the depth and complexity of his character.


He stands tall and walks with a certain dignity and grace when he is in his lupus and Secui forms. His Secui form does not differ much from his lupus form, except for his size and the functionality and dexterity of his paws. When other feral wolves are present he has a tenancy to slouch in his Optime form out of an unconscious desire to be at their level, but otherwise he stands straight and tall even in his least favored shape.


**While it's fun to look like a Marvel character his muscles would not be this well defined through his fur and he would have digitigrade feet. Please allow for the artist's interpretation here.**
As a testament to the people who raised him, Kirin is both intelligent and mature for his age. He subscribes to a feral way of life which causes people to believe he is naive and wild at first, an erroneous assumption. Growing up in a pack rife with the history and lessons passed down from his ancestors, Kirin Rune has undertaken many physical and mental tests of strength and will. During his few years of life he has learned several tactics to surviving in the wild, and normally he can devise several solutions to a puzzle in little time.

Almost sage like at times, upon first meeting him he can seem reserved and withdrawn, but it takes only a little time to crack the surface and find the gem waiting underneath the hard mantle. While he has adopted the serious and formal speech of his family, he is still young and easygoing, and is quick to make friends and establish relationships. He is known for trying to please when the stakes are reasonable, and in a hierarchy he knows his place and does a good job conforming to the structure around him. However, due to his strong wolf blood, his youth, and the wild streak that pumps through his veins, he is not content being the low wolf on the totem pole and will always seek to gain higher ground.

Kirin is Lawful-Good and will always do what he finds morally righteous, even if he has to butt into someone else’s business. Despite this trait, he has a level head on his shoulders and knows when he is beaten, and it is unlikely that he will meddle in a futile situation.

He is heterosexual and, while he is not hateful, he does not understand homosexual relationships. To his feral spirit, love and sex serve the specific purpose of procreation, so he does not see the purpose in a homosexual relationship. He has a tenancy to fall in love easily, but also does not believe love precludes sex and vice versa. Kirin would be just as happy with a “strictly business” relationship in order to propagate his species as he would be with a romantic relationship. True to his wolfish heritage, he believes only in mating for life, so he has been careful and selective when it comes to romantic interests, and while he is not a virgin, he has yet to fall in love and enter into a long term relationship.
While he was not born to an alpha pair, Kirin was born to a Beta pair who had gained permission to breed from the Alphas of their pack. Kirin was born to Eden Tempest and Phantom Rune on July 29 of 2015 along with two sisters and another brother. His pack lived near the seaport town of Ketchikan, Alaska, within the picturesque pine hills surrounding the old, dilapidated township. Kirin’s pack’s territory primarily consisted of Deer Mountain which looms over downtown Ketchikan. Although the Sitka Black-tailed Deer and local Mountain Goats were the game that his pack hunted most often, they were also an intelligent people who would not turn their nose away from an abundant resource, so several members of the pack learned to fish the plentiful trout and salmon that live and migrate through Ketchikan Creek. Despite his natural aversion to his Optime form, Kirin was one of several youngsters who learned the art of fishing.

Just after his first year he earned the nickname Bear for killing a black bear that threatened a younger litter. The effort was hardly won on his own and was only successful due to the teamwork of his brother and one of his sisters, but since he was the one to make the killing blow amongst the chaos, he was awarded the glory for the take down. In his family there was a legend that any wolf who killed another apex predator would absorb the strength of its spirit, so from that day on he was Kirin the Brave, or Kirin the Bear Heart, or simply Bear. It was around this time that his strength and physical prowess truly began to show itself.

As his second year of life approached Kirin began to grow restless, desiring more from life than what the pack had afforded him. Namely, he wanted permission to seek out a mate and start his own family, but there were no females in his pack that he believed were strong enough to make a suitable life mate, so he sought permission from the Alpha to find a mate outside of the pack and return with her. When permission was denied because the Alpha still thought him too young and foolhardy to be granted the express honor of having children whilst not being an Alpha or Beta wolf, he exercised his right to break free of the pack. Though his desires were not too grandiose, he still chose to go rogue with aspirations that he would one day start his own family pack of his own, or find a pack in which he would be allowed to find a mate and bring up his own family.