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Just a ghost, come back from the dead... Again.

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Cur, Mongrel, Mutt, Heinz 57. Any and all of these can be applied to Daryl. He is the embodiment of a mongrel dog; conforming to no breed standard, having not even a semblance of any one breed in him. He is a full to the brim mixing pot, his lineage virtually untraceable from all of his constituent parts.

This mixing pot has produced a medium sized dog of solid build with a coat as muddy and mottled as his heritage.

In his preferred Luperci form he stands at 5' 10" tall, his posture generally upright, though he has a tendency to slouch to his left when relaxed or tired.

His body is thick; sturdy in build with broad shoulders and a solid waist. Though he is moderately muscled any definition is hidden beneath his thick, semi-long coat. This coat has misled many into believing that he is 'podgy' when in fact he is just 'poofy'.

His coat ranges from short and fine, through to long and thick, with added wispy feathers in certain areas. Short, fine fur covers the majority of his face, becoming longer and feathery at his cheeks and around his ears. It is thick around his neck and shoulders leading down his torso and onto his arms and legs. The thickness dissipates as it travels down his arms and legs, becoming short on his forearms and lower leg, though he has feathers at his elbows and ankles. His tail is all long, wispy fur.

A warm reddish sandy hue is his base coat colour, interspersed with varying red-brown splotches. His paws and undersides are a dirty white, flecked with greyish brown spots. Some of the wispy hairs around his ears leading down into his neck fur are a pure, snowy white.

His ears are a rich, red-brown highlighted with an almost foxy shade on the outer rims. His left eye is surrounded by a patch of the same colour. A pale blaze spreads from his black nose leather up between his eyes, though the clean white is muddied by the same greyish white splotches that adorn his paws.

The merle pattern of his coat makes his face an interesting patchwork, though his distinctive features still shine through: His ears are large and fluffy, with one almost always flopped over at any time. His muzzle is almost delicate in comparison with the rest of him, being well sculpted and without jowls. Narrow, ice blue eyes, darkly outlined and always seemingly squinting, complete the picture.

Daryl can usually be found wearing a combination of battered, dark jeans and sleeveless shirt. The bottoms of his jeans are almost always tied tight to his ankles with rawhide bindings. His only accessory is an old steel arrowhead that hangs from a leather cord around his neck. His dark mane is just above shoulder length and is rather unruly, when not hunting he lets it fall across his face.

He speaks with a gruff, low voice, with a Georgia accent.
Daryl is a man of few words; he has always been the strong silent type and that has done him just fine so far. Most of his life he has been alone and that has suited him just fine. An introvert at heart, social interaction exhausts and annoys him most of the time, though he has the occasional desire for company.

When interacting he tends to be surly and withdrawn, volunteering few words, preferring to communicate via grunts, nods and looks.

While he does not tend to enjoy the company of others, when he finds someone or somewhere that he likes he tends to become fiercely loyal and protective. Sometimes to the detriment of himself as he will happily put himself in harms way to protect that someone or something.

As such he would be monogamous in a relationship, and devoted to his partner in an almost unhealthy way.

He is quick to anger, though he hides it well. He lets his anger simmer just below his calm exterior, not betraying that he feels anything at all until he can no longer contain it. This usually happens when his barriers are down, such as when he is drunk or over tired.

While he angers easily he usually portrays as calm, patient and stubborn. As a hunter he has developed a neutral, patient demeanor that makes him seem like an immovable rock. Though he can be motivated to moments of passionate emotion, in the right circumstances.
Born to a mentally unstable mongrel mother who had no idea who his father was Daryl's puphood was fraught with danger and despair.

His mother, who had never really had her wits, soon forgot about him, leaving him to the care of his much older brother. Said brother was much too interested in getting high and laid to care for a little mongrel pup, so Daryl was left to fend for himself from an early age.

He shifted for the first time at six and a half months of age after a particularly brutal beating from his intoxicated brother. He took the opportunity to flee his home, taking only the name Daryl with him.

In his newly gained form he escaped to the woods of Georgia, hoping that he would survive. Before long he was starving and dying from an infected wound, luckily he was found by a reclusive hunter who took him in and nursed him back to health.

Upon recovery the original plan had been for Daryl to move on, but the hunter took pity on the boy and sort of adopted him. He trained Daryl in the arts of hunting and archery. That is until tragedy befell the hunter; he was killed in a 'hunting accident' by a rival hunter that had wanted his territory. It wasn't long before Daryl was chased away from the only place he had known kindness.

Ever since he has been travelling, never stopping for long, living off what he can hunt, craft and scavenge himself. On the advice of an older dingo that he met while travelling he has headed towards Nova Scotia. Looking for rich hunting grounds and maybe even a place to stay with people he can devote himself to.
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