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Coydog (75% Coyote, 25% Dog) Ortus
Brickface has the smaller size of a coyote and the thick musculature of a pit bull. Her fur is a mix of burnt orange, dull brown and wheat on her paws and underside. On her back is marking that resembles a sun. It is surrounded by a broken circle of darker fur.

In Lupus form she is a compact brick of muscle with a pit bull's body and a coyote's face, fur and tail. The effect is only enhanced in Seculi form, and the additional fur might confuse the viewer or cause them to question Brickface's heritage.

In Optime form her features are better balanced. Her hips are wide, her beasts are modest and her muscles are still prominent. Her fur is short, except for the bristle bottle brush of her tail, suggesting that the coyote portion of her blood comes from some arid climate - perhaps a Mexican coyote.

She does not have human-like hair on the back of her neck; instead, it is slightly elongated fur, like a mane.

The top portion of her face is covered in a leather mask molded to fit her. The opening for the eyes are imperfectly shaped, but suit her well enough, and the mask itself rests comfortable on the bridge of her snout. A piece of sinew ties it in place.

Although she's been trained primarily in the staff, the weapon Brickface is mostly often seen with is a make-shift mace. An enormous chunk of wood has been shaped into something like a bat, and several rusty nails have been driven through it. The discoloration on the wood suggests that they have been successfully used.

She uses this for intimidation purposes.

Her torso is covered in a crude leather cuirass. It has been damaged and repaired with scraps of hide. It is not pretty, and the patchwork repair has clearly been done by an amateur. Spikes stick out from the shoulderpads.


- skinning knife
- bat with nails in it
- sling and rocks
- a metal staff with a sharp point on it (x2)
- a rusting piece of metal beaten into a shield, with a piece of leather nailed to it for a handle.
- leather cuirass
- needles, and some sinew for thread.
- flint and steel
- halter, saddlebags
- mule, used as a pack animal



She treats violence with a casualness worthy of a sport.




Cactusmouth Myrtle - a snarky hybrid who acts as Brickface's conscience. She also provides important quality control for dumb ideas. Unfortunately, she has not been able to convince Brickface out of nailing spikes to every piece of clothing she owns.

By the way she acts, you might get the impression that she hates Brickface, and that there's some past bitterness welling up under the surface. You'd not be wrong. But they're still traveling together, and Myrtle (she hates the name 'Cactusmouth') defends her partner-in-crime with the same ferocity that she criticizes her.

In contrast to Brickface's haphazard, spikes-on-every-surface style, Cactusmouth Myrtle dresses like a dignified outlaw with a longcoat and a cowboy hat.

Her coloration is sandy brown mixed with white and gray. Her fur is double-coated, and she takes after a German Shepherd, especially in ear shape and in muzzle shape. She's got coyote and wolf blood in her too, albeit, considerably diluted in comparison to Brickface.

Brickface O'Malley is a descendant of two things: burro-herding, brick-laying coydogs and a line of outlaws dating back to a dog-fighting ring when humans still walked the earth. Aggression and violence still runs thick in their blood, and the warped values their human keepers instilled bled into their culture.

In her father's tradition, they retell this story as a long line of warriors descended from the first dogs, who were charged by the gods themselves to fight one another. In victory they would earn a place by the gods' side as a faithful protector. It is therefore their destiny to walk the earth and fight until their last dying breath. In the afterlife they may be rewarded with a place akin to Valhalla, and in life they are rewarded with all the riches of the earth; everything in their sight is for them to take and steal.

It is their destiny, too, to spread their bloodline so that the gods will always have servants, and the afterlife will never be empty.

Her grandfather, meanwhile, retells this retelling as: "You are cursed. You have the blood of a selfish man who made you only to spread his curse, so that you may become like him and hurt and steal. But you are only half-cursed. Do not let him win. Do not give into your urges."

She was born Broken-Circle of the Sandswept Tribe. She was the product of a questionable union between her mother and her outlaw father, and it is her father's heritage that she takes after.



Credit: Raze