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Female 01 Jun 2017
Mackenzie valley wolf Non-Luperci
A slightly smaller than average sleek young looking wolf with the main coat colors of white/cream and light silver. A bit white/light/cream colored on the belly, chest, underside of tail, around/on legs and paws, front of neck, and most of face other then a faint mask/patch of silver starting at the forehead/a bit around the eyes fading to light cream going down the muzzle. More noticeable silver color along back side, top side of tail, fading up her neck. Her eyes are a light blue that become more vibrant when she’s focused or in a really good mood.

Because of her smallish size and slim body type, she has good agility and speed. She is a bit too thin though, caused from not eating enough. She sometimes doesn’t have a good amount of energy. Also she does have a few small wounds which is hard to notice unless one looks closely at her. Some are more fresher then others.

Her resting face is rather calm, a slight smile in her eyes. Her ears are perked up and alert most of the time unless she’s really relaxing, asleep, or heavily focused on something specific.

She’s not really a pup yet she’s not exactly an adult wolf either.
Though she is young, she is very smart. She is a lone wolf wanting to join a pack. She can be rather quiet or disinterested in small talk. That doesn’t mean she’s a-social though, it just means she finds small talk repetitive and not interesting. She can be a bit fiesty/tricksterish/funny at times, likes banter when she’s in a good or average mood. She isn’t all out there, and she isn’t choosing to be alone most of the time either, she seems to be either introvert like or an introvert. She doesn’t have much experience in the world though she can somehow manage to feed herself from small easy to get animals that can’t get away in time. She can be a bit guillable, but that could be countered with her intelligence and her being able to learn and/or catch onto things in a short time depending on what it is. In other words, she is far from being slow minded. Sometimes it seems that there are a few screws loose in her head though, she can be a bit quirky. But after all, she can be a rather kind courteous wolf.
Lunaris was born and raised in a valley, living with her mother, father, her older brother, along with the rest of the pack for the most part of her life. She was a little sheltered though because she was the only female pup born in a long while after a very strange and unusual chain of male pup births over the years. Since she was treated with such great care, she was only allowed to hunt with the whole pack and not with just her small family, and she was very rarely a part of any major action. That caused her to not be able to grow her hunting skills well and she used her head more then her nose for a while. After a while, she was starting to grow irritated and impatient, getting tired of being treated like a delicate creature. She told her family and pack that she wanted to go out and see what the land had to offer to her, and at first her family was alarmed and very nervous and wary, but she was able to convince them to let her venture a bit. But soon the freedom made her crave to see what else was out there. So after bidding goodbye at least for now to her family and brother who she was close to, she stepped out of the very familiar territory and went beyond the valley out into the scary yet very interesting unknown...