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I like to do a art and write and I love my kitters more than anything in any universe. You may or may not know me by another name, but I'm phasing it out for personal reasons so please call me Nim or go by my char's name. Sorry in advance for causing annoyance or a headache, but it would really mean a lot! I'm not trying to hide who I am from anyone so you're welcome to ask me in private!

In Character

Female 03 Mar 2017
Dog (a mix of many sighthound breeds) Ortus
Usual Appearance↬ Unless otherwise noted, she is found in Optime form wearing a slightly oversized, sapphire blue, hooded silk cloak. Underneath, unless it is hot out, she layers with another cloak of soft, white rabbit. Both cloaks are cut to drape her body completely while still allowing free movement of the arms. As of now, she wraps her feet in white cloth as a makeshift shoe for the cold weather she is not used to.

General↬ Illyria's frame is taut, leggy, and angular sporting compact muscles beneath delicate skin. Her coat is short-furred with a clean white color, overlayed with various red markings that are common to her breed (still working on an exact pattern). Her eyes are a pale yellowish-green that appear cooler or warmer in color depending on the light. Instead of the usual black nose of many dogs, hers is a few shades lighter than the redness of her markings with a pink tinge. Last but not least, she has white claws.

Lupus↬ She stands at a little over 2.5 feet, not including ears which are quite impressive in size. On a good month she weighs close to 55-60 lbs but is usually closer to 45-50. She is long, tall, and narrow- streamlined with a deep chest and seemingly more leg than actual body.

Optime↬ She is 5' 7" tall and weighs around 135-145 lbs. Extremely leggy with a small chest and petite waist. Her hairline naturally begins at the back of the head behind the ears. It flows down to the small of her back and is thin, straight, and silky.
Illyria is many things. An actress/trickster first and foremost, though not on purpose. She is often outspoken, prone to ask too many questions or say things out loud that would be better left unsaid. At heart she is curious, rebellious, opinionated, stubborn, goofy, and playful with a demure and/or regal facade, which she wears with ease when deemed necessary. The mask is on or it's off... there is usually no balance between her wildly contrasting personas.

**Around males of any age, especially if she thinks she senses a certain need in them, she becomes flirtatious to a degree that might make a gentleman or morally righteous man uncomfortable, or downright disgusted. To her, it is natural and fairly meaningless, though her behavior could have anyone thinking otherwise.** Update 3/16↬ This personality aspect may or may not change slightly or all-together, I'm going to feel it out ICly and see from there.

She is a Luperci-pleaser by trade and is quite enthusiastic to bring pleasure to others in whatever form they ask for (or whatever form she assumes they need). This is even truer when she needs or wants something from someone, but it is done on a subconscious level at that point.

On a final note, the girl is highly imaginative, and will often use it to entertain herself or others- which sometimes can give the impression of being deceitful or condescending, however, she genuinely means no harm. More than anything it is a unique coping skill she has developed to deal with certain aspects of life. Sometimes she becomes so heavily invested in her made up inner worlds and stories that they begin to bleed into her reality and she feels as though she is living them, which is when it can start to cause problems. This is even more so true when she is stressed, anxious, or in a new situation.
She was born in a large litter to poverty-stricken parents in a small Luperci town in the Balearic islands of Spain. It was common and often necessary among the poorest of the poor families in that particular area to give some or all of their newborn litters to the local orphanage. Unbeknownst to the townsfolk, it was a front for an underground Luperci trafficking ring, where they promised to ship the children out to find permanent loving homes around the world. In reality, the young orphans were raised to be used, traded, and sold for various purposes- some more nefarious than others.

Despite this, her new handlers were not bad people at heart and specialized in caring for and raising these orphaned infants with a gentle but firm paw. They even had 'round the clock wet nurses to keep the puppy's well fed, and a goat for when they needed a break from nipple harassment.

She lived a sheltered life among her psuedo-parents who trained and raised her to be submissive, polite, and kind... or to at least act that way in the company of future clients. Language lessons were a regular part of daily life since before she could even speak, and she has unpolished multilingual skills to show for that.

The handlers were uncruel and even compassionate at times, despite the darker purpose of their work. They took good care of their keep, spoiling the slaves-in-training with beautiful clothes, delicious food, and a carefree lifestyle. She was rarely alone and usually among other children of various ages.

The following timeline is a very rough guideline until I get something better up.
Rudimentary Timeline from birth to current↬
↬ [1 day] born on a Spanish island. it's a girl!
↬ [2-6 days] given up by parents to the town's "orphanage".
↬ [1-4 weeks old] transported to the mainland near Barcelona to settle in with new handlers.
↬ [1-7 months] lives/travels/is transported with said handlers and a few other slave children in and through European countries.
↬ [8-10 months] They are taken to Lisbon, shipped to Barbados, and then to another ship that takes them to mainland America where they meet up with new handlers, and begin their trek northward along the coast.
↬ [11 month] is separated from her group, becomes lost, and finds her way to Souls.
Parents & Siblings↬ Unknown (this may change as I fill in her bio more)
Handlers↬ Like her parents but obviously not. Under construction.
Adopted Siblings↬ Non-blood siblings. Under construction.
Click Here Name Pronunciation↬ ih-leer-ee-uh glay-ss
Illyria only uses her last name to introduce herself, so is known as 'Glace' to all but her former handlers and "siblings".

Languages↬ Speaks English and Spanish pretty well. Knows rudimentary Catalan, German, Italian, French, and a little less Japanese. Understands [with difficulty] basic Irish and Russian but can't really speak either of them, maybe a word here and there.