Lazar Volkov

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Ла́зарь Во́лков

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Male 01 Nov 2016
Wolfdog Ortus
Lazar is a mid-content wolfdog consisting of a mixture of Tundra Wolf (30%) and Eurasian Wolf (20%) with a variety of northern spitz ancestry such as Siberian Husky (25%), West Siberian Laika (20%), and Alaskan Malamute (5%). Standing thirty-two inches (81cm) from withers to ground when unshifted, his build is lean and elongated. There is no fat on his body—rather, he is solid muscle—with an elegant, lithe frame. His legs are long, his rib cage narrow, his shoulders slender, and his hips willowy. His face is long, his muzzle slim, and his stop barely defined. White canine teeth peep out from black lips even when his mouth is closed and relaxed. His ears are just slightly too large for a wolf, velvety and well furred. The ruff around his neck is thick and extended down well past his shoulders. Large, splayed, clawed toes build for arctic tundra carry him about. His tail is slightly too long, sickle shaped and ending just below his hocks, and slightly too thick with hair. Steely, ice-blue, almond shaped eyes peer out from a dark mask of black eyeshadow, accentuating the stark color. His coloring is that of a Siberian Husky—black above and white below, with shades of gray splashed here and there. His build, though, solely seems to favor the wolf, and his walk is the effortless, fluid lope with the single track gait that separates the recently domestic from the truly wild. When shifted he remains lean and slender, with hands rough and calloused from shipboard work. His hair is long and black, streaked once with strands of white, typically tied back into a loose bun, and a tuft of black hair mars the pale of his chin. His eyebrow is pierced with silver, following family tradition, and his ears are also pierced. He wears rings on his fingers, also silver. On his left inner forearm is a tattoo of a kraken. A Russian accent flavors his speech with foreign notes. Tbd.
Mother and father both wedded to the sea, their coupling was a whim and his early upbringing was primarily from a pair held together solely by duty. Each parent loved the child, but the sea held stronger sway over the mother, and when Lazar was only a few months old he found his life taken to the wide open water, and foreign ports. He was raised this way, never settling down, following the horizon and wherever the wind led his sails.
Nikita Volkov, father
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