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Hello! I'm Tessa, also known as Aliyah, a user on 'Souls. I'm very cool and unique when it comes to roleplaying, and I roleplay mainly just to boost up my imagination to help me become more creative. I currently have one character(Aliyah), and I'm also a member of many other websites. I also have a Snapchat. Feel free to PM me with anything you might need, such as roleplay requests! I've been a member of 'Souls for a few months, but I'm going to be leaving for a bit, and may return.

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Coywolf Non-Luperci
Aliyah is a gray-and-black coywolf with vibrant heterochromatic eyes and slight coyote-like ears. She has a long tail with a few black flecks, and her torso is dark gray. Aliyah's left eye is blue, while the other is green. She has a scar on one of her paws, and her left paw has a small scar. Her legs are black with some light gray specks, and she has black eye markings mixed with gray. Aliyah also has a black marking on her head, and her entire face is black, but with some hints of gray as well. Her underbelly is gray with some dark gray patches, and her legs have black and gray on them. She has black and gray markings on her tail and the back of her ears are of a dark gray color. She has some fluff inside her ears and on her tail, and her pawpads are of a gray color. She also has a scar on her legs from spars with other wolves, and her tail-tip is white and gray. Her fur also contains a small hint of dark gray, but it is nearly the same color as her black fur, so it's generally hard to see. Sometimes wolves are afraid of her fur color, but to Aliyah it's special, and makes her unique. She's mostly notable and distinctive for her eyes and appearance. The area where Aliyah's scar is torn up and patched, always leading up to a haunting story she generally refuses to bring up, but only to those she trusts. Aliyah is always usually a content and calm coywolf, but when she is protecting someone she cares about, or if she is being challenged, her personality changes. Aliyah becomes aggressive, defensive, protective, and savage. She's also shy when talking to other wolves, and she's not afraid to prove herself. When Aliyah is around someone she loves(mate, crush), she grows really shy and rather nervous, usually refusing to talk. Sometimes Aliyah is really quiet and calm, but she does get offended very easily, and doesn't hesitate for a fight or a confrontation. When Aliyah is around someone she doesn't trust, she usually questions them or tries to get them to say something that Aliyah is suspicious of. When she's proved wrong, Aliyah is mostly upset about it and tries to show proof that she's right, and when she is right, Aliyah likes to boast about it to others who doubted her. She also can be kind even though she has anger issues, and will forgive those who have wronged her sometimes. Usually she becomes angry and easily offended when something bad has happened to her or her family. Aliyah doesn't mean to be rude, and she usually claims it's just her feelings. Aliyah is sometimes neutral when it comes to her having to make certain choices and it's hard for her to decide, but sometimes she can decide and quickly sticks with her choice. Aliyah is also entitled to her beliefs and opinions, and isn't afraid to argue. Sometimes Aliyah can act extremely odd and scary when she is fixed on her prey, or when she sees something as prey. She can go faster, but not exceeding the speed of a coyote or wolf. Her ears go alert, and she becomes sadistic with what she's doing. She usually collapses when she's done with her sudden outburst. The reason why Aliyah's outbursts happen is because she is partially mental, and she can have outbursts at random times, acting feral and crazy. Sometimes when this happens, her scar splits open and starts bleeding.
When Aliyah was a pup, her fur color reminded her parents of a wolf they had been told of in fairytales. Aliyah's fur color not only made her parents start to wonder about her, but made them start bragging about their special daughter. Aliyah was eventually made famous by her parents and others, and many wolves and coywolves Aliyah knew and her family knew claimed that they never saw a coywolf like her before. Aliyah liked the fame and that's how she became boastful at times. Being treated like a queen was something she liked being she also had bad things happen to her. One day Aliyah's sister was killed by a pure-black wolf with red eyes in their den who refused to leave. Aliyah tried to fight back but only got scathed in the battle. Her brother was also killed, and eventually Aliyah was alone when her parents were killed too. Aliyah decided to try and live her own life and made her own den, struggling to survive. She joined a pack once, but after she broke a rule of eating last, she was kicked out and chased away by the pack's alphas. Aliyah got frustrated and looked for a new pack, and made a friend who was a bobcat named Max. Aliyah hunted food for Max and played with him, and Max serves as nearly a companion. Later, Aliyah found a finch with a broken wing who finally managed to escape from a spider web, and named him Kinko. Max likes to help Aliyah forage for food that finches like to eat.

One haunting part of Aliyah's biography is her father. Her father Cobalt was crazy, and was mental. Cobalt would occasionally beat up on Slate, Aliyah's mother, and sometimes even King and Lily. Cobalt's mental illness didn't worsen until the day Aliyah would leave her home came closer. Cobalt attacked Aliyah, leaving a scar on her and also his illness. Aliyah usually thinks about this often, and she refuses to tell it to anyone else besides those she trusts.

She soon had to give up her bobcat Max, which resulted in her becoming seriously depressed. When Inferni began disbanding and falling apart, she became weaker and then went to Briarblack, with Aliyah covered in mosquito bites, visible bones, a weak appearance, and she was soon mercy-killed by Briarblack, leaving Aliyah to go join her mother and maybe her siblings, and leave Cobalt alone, as the coywolf who had been suffering had now went on a journey to freedom, with no more suffering.
Aliyah's siblings are King and Lily, her parents are Slate and Cobalt, and her friends are Max the bobcat, and Kinko the finch who were rescued by Aliyah. King is a coyote, while Lily is part-coyote. Aliyah rescued her friends after finding them alone and scared, and decided to care for them. Max was caught in a trap, while Kinko's wing had been broken by getting caught in a spider web and failing to get out.
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