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Hi! I'm Raze! :D I'm a member of the 'Souls Assemblage and a leader of Inferni. Feel free to ask me anything -- I'm always happy to help! Note: this is an auxiliary account. :)
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Female 07 Jun 2011
Wolfdog Ortus
Born in Athens to Agape Kokinos, Atalanta was fed on tales about her merchant father, Levent Kartal. Flighty and idealistic, she chased her father overseas when she came of age -- but lost him to a slave ship upon her arrival. She decided to wander throughout North America to sample as much of the land as she could.

She lived for a while in Halifax, striking up a friendship with a Courtier, and was later nursed to health by a giant in Krokar following an injury. She left to roam again -- always flighty and always looking for others in need of her help or her stories.

But her wandering paws and the changing seasons brought Atalanta back to Nova Scotia, the distant land that held her father's secrets. In the spring, in the chaotic aftermath of the meteor impact, Ata sought sanctuary in Casa di Cavalieri and worked to help the pack, finding comfort in community and routine. When approached with an friendly ultimatum -- join or leave -- Atalanta made the difficult decision to stay.
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