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Dharma is generally always in her Luperci form, but her appearance is the same as if she was not in her Luperci form. In her Luperci form, Dharma has very beautiful, hazel eyes with brown, curly hair. Her fur is of a light chestnut color, with streaks of white and black. She has black paws and has some black spots, and her hazel eyes also have sectoral heterochromia, and the sectoral heterochromia gives part of her hazel eyes a slight yellow color, making Dharma's eyes very beautiful and attracting. Her tail is long and fluffy, and the tip of it is white, with some streaks of white running down it in the shape of a stripe. Dharma also has a scar across her eye, making her half-blind, as the scarred eye is pale white. Dharma's eye scar has two slashes, giving her a slightly terrifying general appearance. She also has a scar on her other eye, but it's just a singular slash and doesn't affect her eyesight, only her left eye's blinding scar does. However, Dharma manages to see pretty well. She also has a small scar on her leg, and being she's generally always in her Luperci form, she wears a gold necklace with a golden jewel at the end of it. She also has golden earrings that take the shape of a diamond, showing her enjoyment and love for diamonds. On her right arm, Dharma wears a golden band that she had gotten from her brother when she was young after completing an act of bravery. On her other arm, Dharma wears a similar-looking bracelet, except she was just given it as a birthday gift. She also wears a golden circlet, and she had also gotten it as a birthday gift, and Dharma thinks of it as something very important. Dharma is also usually carrying a bow and arrow around, showing her skill as an archer and hunter. In her wolf form, Dharma looks the same, not counting jewelry or hair. Dharma is generally calm and content, and she can also be quiet and shy at times, and she's very shy and flirtatious when it comes to talking with males. Dharma is very focused on her jobs and gets irritated when interrupted. She's also impatient when it comes to certain things, and she can be sadistic when it comes to killing enemies at her leader's will. Dharma is very loyal, and is willing to exploit any enemies she has. She'd do anything for her pack, even if it meant sacrificing herself. Dharma usually has a straight face at times, and it can be hard to try and get a sense of humor out of her. However, sometimes she can be wisecracking and very good at giving others advice, and when she's in good moods, Dharma can be goofy and funny, and knows how to make others smile and laugh. When someone's upset, Dharma can be comforting and she's very good at helping others feel better. When a loved one of hers or a best friend is sick or badly injured, Dharma will get upset and blame herself, and she can get very emotional at times. One thing about Dharma's personality is that it's quite easy to get her upset or mad, and not a lot of others can escape easily when Dharma isn't in the best mood. It's not recommended to get on her bad side, otherwise things will turn out badly. When around her friends, Dharma can get very protective, and she'd always risk her life for her friends and family if need be.
Dharma is also very entitled to her opinions and respects everyone's opinions on certain things, even if she disagrees with them.
Dharma was born to two Luperci parents in the Concrete Jungle. As a pup, she had no idea what a Luperci was until her parents educated her about them. They had learned and known about Luperci due to being one, and they wanted to tell Dharma all they knew so she'd know more about her kind. She heard tales about many Luperci living in her area, and some of them were quite scary. One of the tales Dharma grew up with that were not Luperci-related involved some urban legends of her home, explaining the reason why some wolves living in her home heard random howls. The legend was that, many years ago, there was a wolf that lived on a mountain, trying to recover from the loss of a loved one, and it would always howl in mourning. It then began wreaking havoc on the Concrete Jungle, killing everyone that it blamed. Terrified at what he had done, the wolf returned to the mountains and began howling again, continuing until the time one travels to the mountains and howls too. Dharma had been scared of this legend, and decided to test the legend to see if it was true, despite her parents always saying she was mad for trying to do something like that. Dharma didn't care, and went on anyway. Once she got to the mountains, Dharma looked around, and she heard the wolf howling again. She refused to worry, and continued on, until she heard the howling turn to growls and she was eventually attacked, the wolf slashing at both of her eyes and blinding one of them, leaving the other slightly injured. Dharma retreated back to her home, explaining to her family about what had happened. Once she was ten months old, Dharma had already learned the basics of shifting, and went into her Optime form for the first time, being her parents had discouraged her from attempting to shift until she was "old enough". Once she was a year old, Dharma's parents gave her her first weapon, a bow and arrow. She was taught archery by her father, and began practicing hunting, but she usually had trouble due to her being half-blind. Therefore, Dharma can't really hunt that well, and she tries to see out of her good eye.
Father: Fang
Mother: Chrysalis
Siblings: Max, Ruby(not from the show!)