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Wolf Ortus
Lapeux is a very visually intimidating character. Having decided to permanently remain in his Optime form, he has tirelessly trained to achieve peak physical performance. As a result, Lapeux is very muscular - particularly in his arms and core, the areas he focused on most. This grants him an easy distinction to other, less physically trained Luperci, alongside his height of 6’11’’.
His fur is rather coarse, short in all places except for his neck, chest and arm areas. It is messy and unkempt, clearly not cared for nearly enough. Often, leaves and such will tangle in thicker patches of fur; Lapeux often doesn't care enough to pry them out.
Lapeux's fur sports a range of grays and blacks. Lighter gray streaks run through them to divide the darker colours, grouping around his back and arms in a seemingly random pattern. His fur may appear to be tinted slightly blue in some light sources, though this is simply a trick of the light.
Lapeux’s face holds a generally snarly tone. He has well maintained teeth, and a hardened gaze. His eyes, a crisp ice blue, hardly relax, leaving them appearing sharp. The fur around his muzzle is particularly coarse, giving him an almost rugged look to accompany the rest of his appearance.
His tail is of medium length. It sports the same rough fur his body does, decorated with a few light gray streaks.
Lapeux’s claws are well maintained, like his teeth. They are sharpened, and don’t seem to be used very often – they’re relatively unscratched.
Lapeux is a rather crude character, tending to speak and move roughly. As a result, he is often mistaken as being threatening or rude despite often trying to be civil around other creatures. Most of the time, Lapeux is a fairly level-headed character, preferring to let scenes play out instead of meddling with them. This is because he sees the act of interfering as the greatest rudeness of all – most creatures are competent beings and certainly would not appreciate being treated like weaklings. Lapeux understands this feeling well, and so tries his best to understand it. However, he may sometimes let his anger slip, and control his actions. This is usually only in times of stress, or fear, as Lapeux has learned to keep a handle on his irritation over his lifetime. When he does become angry, his actions are usually hastily thought out, and Lapeux is more likely to do something he would regret.
He is a creature of few words, preferring to answer in clipped sentences and short one word answers. Lapeux is not one to wax on about a topic. He prefers getting straight to the point, and assumes everyone else in the area would feel the same about it. As a result, he finds himself getting irritated when someone decides it’s necessary to talk to him for hours on end about a topic. His time is valuable, he doesn’t have enough of it to stand around listening to something that can be summarised in a few words.
Lapeux is in no way a bad guy. He’s not power hungry, and only hates those who give him a solid reason to hate them. His physical training is his way to seek release from anger and irritation he experiences, and so he has taken it up as a pseudo hobby.
Overall, Lapeux is a somewhat rough character who values his time and tries his best to not let his anger control him. He doesn’t like holding grudges and he certainly doesn’t like interfering with another creature’s business.
Lapeux was born a Luperci, to a Luperci mother and father, in the midsts of North America. They lived off of the land, looking out for each other at all costs. His mother, named Feu, was the one to educate him about the basics of Luperci natures. Lapeux, being only half a year old, was incredibly interested in the shifting mechanics. His mother preferred to maintain a Secui form, while his father, Kai, seemed to be content with his Lupus form.
Lapeux first shifted at seven months old. He was ecstatic, eager to try out the shifting mechanics. Through perseverance, and a little egging on from his parents, he tried each form.
He fast realised how much he preferred the feel of the Optime form, however, and eventually, he stopped shifting between forms, settling on this one. He found it freeing, and felt much more stronger in this form.
Lapeux and his parents heard of a large concentration of Luperci settling around Canada’s areas when he was about two years and seven months old. Feu and Kai were largely uninterested, but Lapeux could not curb his interest at encountering a pack of sorts at last. He had been doing rigorous exercise with his parents for a year now, since settling permanently in his Optime form, and was already very capable of handling himself.
As a result, he decided to part from his parents with a heavy heart. After heartfelt goodbyes, he left his birth parents to travel further North in search of this Luperci collective.
After two months of travelling alone, Lapeux finally found what he had been searching for.

Joined Sapient on 27-5-18.
Mother: Feu
Father: Kai
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