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In Character

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72.5% Jackal | 25% Dog | 2.5% Wolf Ortus

Young Description:
Alvira looks similar to her mother in hue but the most obvious feature is the wing-like markings on her back. She also has dappled white feet and winged eyeliner around here eyes. Her fur is different shades of grey, very similar in hue. Her eyes are also a notable feature because like her mother, her eyes are heterochromatic with two shades of green, but Alvira has a lighter ring around each pupil.

She has a fox-like tail and still hasn't grown into her Lupus-formed body. She is long-legged but she is still small in this form. She has slightly longer fur due to her dog breeding.

Alvira is currently at a pre-teen stage of development. She is thin with some weight to her midsection, showing that she is well-fed. When she does shift (at the end of May), she will begin to wear clothing and primarily uses her Optime form. Her hair is short and the tips barely brush her shoulder.

Adult Description:
Alvira takes after her mother with her small size, fox-like tail, and jackal features. Her fur is longer and silkier due to her dog heritage and capable of withstanding most of the Nova Scotia cold though prefers clothing. She looks almost purely jackal though her coloring and fur gives away her dog blood.

Her Lupus form is long-legged with silky fur and a fox-like tail. She is quick and fast in this form and will be 15 inches at the shoulder and weighs 20 pounds.

Alvira's Secui form is long-legged and slender with lean muscle. Takes after her mother's form, she looks like a maned wolf and has hand-like paws. She is quick in this form and the size of a large wolf. In this form, she is 39 inches at the shoulder and weighs 100 pounds. This is her strongest form and second-most-used.

In Optime form, Alvira is similar to her mother in appearance but has more muscle and has an athletic build with a defined waist, close to an hourglass body shape. Her hair is styled like this and has a black streak that she dyes with charcoal. In this form, she is 4 feet 11 inches and weighs 120 pounds.

Young Personality:

Alvira is very determined and was thrusted into a caretaking role at a young age. She became more mature and her mother's well-being is very important to her. She strives to be a good daughter.

Her childhood left her trusting little and she is no stranger to loss. She is very protective of her mother and keeps her heart hidden from others. Witnessing Maelyx leaving their family and Avinalora's breakdown, she does not trust love.

She has endless curiosity for the world and loves to try everything new. She is a go-getter and while she does listen to adults, she thinks that just because they didn't say it, it doesn't mean that it's off limits. She can be a bit bossy and likes to get what she wants.

Alvira is also fiery and is rather determined once she sets her mind on it. She has a stubborn streak and it is hard to persuade her to change her mind unless she sees that the path she is on is a dead end. She is a bit competitive and wants to do better, to exceed, or at least impress.

Adult Personality:
Alvira Phoenix was born alongside Winter Phoenix and Ghost Phoenix to Avinalora Phoenix. She was fathered by a male named Malik Crane, though they both don't know of each other's existence. Just after she took her first breath, Alvira's sibling, Ghost died.

She was raised in a large family composed of her mother, "Avi" and her brother Winter, as well as her other mother's, "Mae", children, Jaketta, Elias, and Zea. The girl lived her first weeks in peace.

But she faced loss at a young age when her brother, Zea was killed by mercenaries. Her mother threw herself into work on birds and the girl was acquainted with corvids from a young age as well as a feline caretaker.

They lived their next months peacefully until Kentaro's assault on Anathema and the burning of the village. Alvira did not see much fighting but does remember the burning of the village and her mother coming home bloody. She and the witches of Anathema fled to start their own coven.

There were a couple of months of peace for the family before yet another incident. Mae and Jaketta were kidnapped and while her sister returned, her stepmother came home later and blinded. The family weathered the crisis but that was not the end.

Also, Alvira and her brother shifted at the end of May and the girl was gifted two avian companions and gifts from her mother and family.

In June, Maelyx and Jaketta left with only a note. This caused her mother to breakdown after so much trauma. Her brother left not long after to live with their aunt. The coven broke apart and the girl was determined to get her mother out and to somewhere they could be happy.

Before they left, the girl was given a silver fox kit, Haldis.

Familial Relations

Italics indicate unknown
Mothers: Avinalora Phoenix and Maelyx Nocturne
Sire: Malik Crane
Siblings: Winter Phoenix (Biological), Ghost Phoenix (Biological), Jaketta Einar-Nocturne (Adopted), Elias Einar-Nocturne (Adopted), Zea Einar-Nocturne (Adopted)
Half-Aunts: Adrian Raven-Shadowryn, Artemis Hunter, Suncatcher
Cousins: Artemia Hunter, Sephiroth Hunter, Nightbane Phoenix, Jaybird Phoenix, Rosedawn Phoenix, Forsaken Phoenix

Other Relations
Companions: Haldis, Lachesis, Pythia
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