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Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) Ortus
Overall- Atarah has a lighter golden pelt that fades from the top to bottom. The fur along her back and the top of her head is the darkest of her markings, a deep brassy color highlighted in lighter shades as it fades to her sides. Her sides are flanked by gold that makes a clear distinction to the darker brass. This color extends down her forelegs and the underside of her tail and is met with the creamy white color at her paws and underbelly.
Head- The darker brass color adorns the crown of her head and curves below each eye. The tips of her ears and the tip of her nose look as if they were dipped in the lighter shades that highlight the brass. Three clearly visible scars cover her left eye. The remnants of the bear attack from her earlier years that left her blind in that eye. Her ear was also torn in that attack, though it left no damage to her hearing.
Body- Aside from the color variations in her pelt, there are distinctive stripe patterns across her haunches.
Eyes- Her eyes are a mixture of several colors that seem to change in the lighting. They are a mixture of red, purple, and yellow.
Being alone for the majority of her life has left her shy and reserved. With only the influence of an older wolf, she tends to have a more mature attitude. She is light and has been greatly influenced by her shaman mentor, Indra.
She is passive and avoids confrontation. She fears physical combat due to events she cannot remember. The psychological effect of witnessing the death of her parents left her with no actual memory of the event but extreme panic and fear when threatened with a physical altercation. She does not understand the fear but understanding such things do not matter to her.
Her curiosity drives her in many areas of her life. She avidly seeks to learn as much as she can and isn't afraid to ask questions. This is how she came to learn the ways of healing from Indra. Sometimes she wondered if she had annoyed Indra with the constant questions and constantly asking for more lessons. Now when she looks back she's happy that she had been able to learn so much from her before she passed on.
Now she seeks to live on and carry the spirit of Indra wherever she goes. To keep her spirit alive through living in the ways she had taught.
Too young to understand what was going on, all she remembers is some creature fighting her parents. Whatever the creature was it insisted on wiping them all out. A swipe of a massive paw and a snap of a terrifying maw left young Atarah with a blinded left eye and a permanently torn ear. The trama either caused by the massive blow to her head or the psychological effects of watching her parents die that left her with few memories of her parents. Amniesa had claimed them and stolen them from her. One of the last and only memories she still had was of her mother running to her defense.
Barely able to care for herself, young Atarah wondered aimlessly through what seemed like an endless world. Life as a lone wolf meant small meals few and far in-between. She had only just begun her hunting lessons when her parents died and lost more game than she caught. Her ribs showed but at least she was alive. She knew well enough to stay out of claimed territories, she knew she wouldn't be able to fend for herself in a fight if it came to that and couldn't afford the injuries.
Life alone had become the norm as she grew into adulthood. Hunting had become easier, though without the help of a pack she didn't take down large game. She had learned her lesson with an old buck that gorged her side and left her stationary for a few days. As she lay in an old cavern of sorts in the cleft of a large rock formation the sound of an approaching creature raised the fur along her back. Blood had left a slight trail and whatever was approaching would surely find her. As she tried to get up the wound on her side screamed its protest and she collapsed to the ground. Instead, she pressed herself against the rock as best she could and waited for the worst. As the footsteps grew louder an old grey wolf came into view. Her ears folded down flat against her head and her tail instinctively folded flat against her stomach between her hind legs as best it could. The older wolf much to her surprise turned out to be a kind and gentle healer. She too was an Ortus that lived alone and fended for herself. It seemed like they were destined to meet and unite. The elderly shaman, Indra, took Atarah in and trained her in the ways of medicine.
Soon Atarah became familiar with the plants that grew in the Halcyon mountains and knew almost as much as her mentor. As she returned home one evening she found Indra collapsed at the end of their cavern and struggled for each breath. Atarah rushed to her side and though she tried everything she could think of, the ancestors welcomed her home anyway. Atarah performed the death ritual that Indra had wanted as best as she could. It was hard to remember when her mind was clouded in grief. Soon after Indra's death, she decided to continue to travel. The area brought back too many memories for her. The loss of her only friend brought back the pain of loneliness and the difficulty of hunting for herself. It seemed odd that loneliness bothered her now, but now that she knew what companionship felt like, she couldn't stand the idea of being alone anymore. It was time to find a pack if she could. She knew nothing of joining or where to start. But the loss of Indra made it clear that it was time. The only thing she kept from her time with Indra was the bone necklace she always wore when she performed a ceremony. When she wasn't in in her other form she carried it in her mouth as it was too difficult to get back on without the dexterity of thumbs.
Atarah's parents were killed. Due to birthing complications, she was the only pup to survive birth.
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