Ruiz Odego

Out of Character

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Hello! Feel free to PM me or chat with me on Discord if you'd like to thread with me! I'm always up for plotting, and I try to respond as quickly as possible.

In Character

Male 25 May 2014
Wolfdog (Great Pyrenees x St Bernard x Arctic Wolf) Ortus
(Ruiz is typically in Optime form, unless stated otherwise.)

- 37 in, 100 lbs

- 47 in, 155 lbs

- 6' 11", 250 lbs

Fur and Physique...
- Very thick and unkempt fur
- Predominantly ash with white and charcoal markings
- Big, sturdy guy with a lot of muscle and a little bit of a belly

- Ice blue and very intense

- Black

- Very few noticeable scars, no tattoos

- Does not wear clothing, as his thick fur keeps him warm enough

Accessories and Items...
- He carries a satchel when traveling that contains a large hunting knife, snacks, bandages, and a book from home about plants
His family are known for being quiet and patient creatures, and Ruiz is no exception. He prefers to be the listener in a conversation, ever the observer and never one to cause a scene. This is not to say he won't speak his mind, however - though introverted, he will not turn a blind eye if something upsets him. And you don't want to upset him... He can go from gentle giant to vicious beast in a second, especially if in defense of someone he cares for.

Sexuality - He has no idea. Attention is...good?

Religion - He believes in a Creator and higher power, but doesn't know much beyond that. He has been known to pray in difficult or prosperous times.
Ruiz descends from a long line of fishermen and hunters. He grew up believing that he would follow the same path, but soon realized that he wanted to explore other options. Neither his father nor grandfather were pleased to hear this, and they put up quite a fight to keep Ruiz at home. But he knew he wouldn't be happy sitting beside the water for the rest of his life, and so set out in pursuit of his purpose.
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