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In Character

Female 30 Dec 2016
Dog (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever*) Ortus
Skylark has a slightly wedge-shaped head and a broad, tapering muzzle. Her ears are triangular with rounded corners, folded like a spaniel's and set high upon her head; they often appear alert, though cannot actually be pricked. Like most tollers, she has wide-set, almond-shaped eyes. Unlike most tollers, however, they are quite bright: a vibrant golden honey color that appears darker depending on the lighting.
Height Weight Length
Optime 5'0" 125
Secui 30 95 33
Lupus 18 39 21

Size-wise, Sky is short and deceptively slender. Beneath her fur lies a powerful and compact musculature. Her deep chest and hardy build enable her a great deal of stamina and a natural athleticism - in her two-legged form especially, she looks very toned, though not bulky.

Her pelt is medium-length and glossy, with a dense undercoat that sheds biannually. She has feathering on her legs, tail, and especially along her chest. This plumage is white verging on cream, and her chest, paws, and tail-tip are pure ivory. She also has a white blaze that stretches broadly over her muzzle (short of her mouth and snout) and thins as it extends between her eyes to the top of her skull. Otherwise, her fur is the rich reddish copper color characteristic of her breed. Her nose, skin, paw pads, and claws are all pink. In Optime, her hair is long and wavy, often disheveled, and a few shades lighter than the rest of her.

She often uses tools and will wear accessories, but she shirks clothing and typically only uses her Optime form for crafting and gathering purposes.

* Note: Skylark is not a purebred. Her other breed percentages are simply non-apparent, or their contributed characteristics are encompassed by her dominant breed. They include, among others, Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and setter (various).
Skylark is an extremely warm, outgoing individual who feels most at home when surrounded by people. Completely unselfconscious, once she sets her mind on befriending someone, she will go to great lengths to do so - often succeeding out of sheer persistence. Altruism is her primary motivation; she takes great pains to provide for those in need. On top of that, she is a shameless gifter and prone to making spontaneous gestures.

As a result of her communal upbringing, Sky was exposed to a diverse crop of individuals and beliefs and is very receptive to novel or unconventional ideas. She tends to be flighty, often flitting from one project to the next and unwittingly getting caught up in whimsy. Her curiosity is nigh unquenchable, and she can be inquisitive to the point of being nosy.

Lacking in much worldly experience, Skylark has an idealistic view of the world and a simplistic morality. She always strives to see the best in people and is a firm believer in second chances. In her view, all individuals are fundamentally good - it is simply a matter of bringing that goodness out, which she herself endeavors to do.

She’s basically a hippy who makes people awesome friendship bracelets!
Skylark was born on December 30, 2016 to Aven and Foxglove, alongside brothers Mayhawk and Nightjar. She grew up within a large pack in the forested northwestern reaches of New Brunswick. As her parents, both high-ranking members, were often occupied with official duties, Sky’s upbringing was largely a communal one. Consequently, she was shaped by a diverse set of influences and came to view "family" as extending beyond her blood relatives.

Although her pack - a medley of wolves, wolfdogs, and landrace breeds, including many non-Luperci and Luperci Verto - encouraged a more simplistic, “traditional” lifestyle, it was also home to a number of gifted artisans who utilized their Optime forms to produce crafted goods, which could then be traded for various commodities. Of her siblings, Skylark took the greatest interest in these crafts. She trained under the pack's artistically-inclined while in their care, learning how to dye, stitch, and weave as well as how to create primitive jewelry and woodworkings.

In June 2018, Nightjar, by far the most rebellious of his littermates, decided to strike out on his own. This inspired to Skylark to similar action. Eager to experience the world outside of her birth pack’s tight-knit community, she sought her parents' blessing - which they reluctantly gave - to follow in her brother's footsteps.

She was drawn towards Nova Scotia following rumors of packs in the east.
Mother: Aven
Father: Foxglove
Littermates: Mayhawk (♂), Nightjar (♂)
- Repaired green bag with a short strap; able to be worn around her neck in her Lupus form
- Rolls of rope/string, leather cords, scavenged jewelry chains
- Various chisels, craft knives, and other tools, either Luperci-made or scavenged
- Bone needles
- Beads made of seaglass, bone, wood, etc.
- Scraps of cloth