Owen Knight

Out of Character

Casa di Cavalieri
Second Cadet (NPC)
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In Character

Male 26 Jul 2015
Wolf Ortus
Taking mainly after his father's side of the gene pool, Owen stands about 6 feet 2 inches, while still young, his body build is not of thick bulky muscles, but lean. Being quick on his feet and quick with the hands has helped shape his frame. The colours on his body makes him stand out among other canines around him. Owen has a patch of white on his chest, and white inner ears. The rest of his body is an odd mixture of hues of blacks, greys and brown.
The shades of black swirl together on his back to make the strip that run from the back side of his head to the tail, nearly to the tip with lines of dark grey swirling around this coat making a blend down either side of him, till a soft grey colour blazes down his haunches. Then with his rustic copper brown playing a very small, but still very noticeable accent to his unique coat colouring.

Intense and vivid green eyes off sent all the colours on his body, maybe even making his eyes the most normal thing on his whole body.

Owen is never without with his mother’s trusted staff, and a Viking style sword.

While in Optime, Owen fashions a pair of slack with a holster around his hip for the sword.
Owen is a very mild manner boy. He would never raise a hand to hurt anyone…unless he was pushed into doing so. His mother installed a deep respect for right and wrong in him at a young age. He was taught there are a few times when it is okay to raise your hand up in the name of fighting. A few of those times was to fight for the right, and as well as to protect a lady.

Having been raised to believe that his father was a Godly figure, he feels like he needs to protect everyone and he needs to be an example to others on how to treat another being.

He strives to be a gentleman to every female that he may meet, and fully believe that a lady can do anything she wants, also has a fear of an enraged woman. (Mainly because his mother might, or might not have had a temper)

While very well-rounded in his temperament. Just like everyone else he has his flaws. One of them is that Owen can be “honest”. In other words, Owen can be blunt. He would never speak ill of another being. However, he will tell someone that they are stupid, or foolish if Owen feels the need to gift someone with that information.

When drinking his verbal filter seems to get broken with the more drinks that he has, and every thought comes out of his mouth. More often then not this is when Owen’s mild manner nature tends to slip away, and when he might very well end up in a battle of brute strength over who was right and who was wrong.
Owen was born and raised in Casa. He learned from birth the rules of Casa and how it works, he worked hard for the respect and approval of his mother. Becoming an adult for Owen, he was given a choice by his mother, come with her on her journey or remain within the pack lands he was born.

Not wanting to lose his mother, he followed her knowing that her mission was to find her brother Aro, whom she shared a deep bond. Being the faithful son, he followed her. Upon their trips around they worked for hours every day on fighting skills. He works with manly wooden sparring rod that his mother would widdle out of wood when one of the rods would snap from use. He learned how to fight with staffs and how to fight with swords. His mother said every Knight male is given a sword at one point in their life.

Every night the mother and child duo would lay down, and Sophia would fill his head with stories of a Black Knight, who fought for what was right all the time. Owen aspires to be like this Black Knight, so in turn, he would gladly fight for what is right in this world.
Knight, Marino, and Amarok family are of relations to him. He does not know of the Amarok since he has taught he was a gift from Fenris, so would not know of his birth father's side of the family.