Zamdra Silverborne

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Grey wolf Ortus
Zamdra's was blessed with the mesmerizing eye color of dark gold. Her coat is short, thick, and possesses coarse fur, which makes her comfortable in even the coldest climates. Her fur colors are a mix of cream, light brown, dark grey, light grey, and white. Her nose is completely midnight black. She has a strong build packed with a lot of muscle, but her build also holds elegance, power, and nobility. This shows in all three of her forms. She is a female that is very much attractive, and it shows. In her Optime form, she is tall, but not that tall. She has a powerful build with muscle, but still holds an attractive air about her. Her long hair is a mix of light brown, light grey, and cream, similar to her coat. Her tail is slender yet bushy in appearance. She carries herself with pride and power, and maintains her dominance. Zamdra loves to keep herself clean and well kept, finding appearance and first impressions to be very important. She loves to wear clothes, and has a sense and taste for fashion, and elegance. She will also adorn herself with jewelry as well. Her paw pads are black in color, as well as her claws. She has smooth curves that add to her beauty. She is the epitome of a attractive, true she wolf. Zamdra is a completely ill natured wolf with dark intentions. She has a penchant for violence dominance and power, and is completely dominant. She enjoys putting lower ranked wolves in their place, and exerting her dominance towards lesser wolves. This female is devious, and will get what she wants by any means. Zamdra is quite the aggressive female, and she is not to be taken lightly. She values knowledge and learning, which makes her highly and deeply intelligent, and a quick learner. Slaves disgust her, and she completely disregards and disrespects them, finding them to be nothing but property and worthless. She carries herself with the upmost elegance and dominance, showing her prowess. Zamdra is completely arrogant and vain, seeing herself to be above most others, and more important than most. She believes females to be superior to males, finding males to be second class. Her voice is elegant, but holds a certain fancy feminine deepness to it. She has two great skills, hunting and singing. She excels in hunting whether it be land or sea. She tends to be a bit cocky from time to time, and isn't afraid to show off her hunting skills. She carries herself like a goddess, and craves power and rank. Zamdra takes pride in her family name, and is determined to make the Silverborne name great again. Zamdra despises weakness, and finds those who are weak to be cowards, and disgraceful. Disgrace is the ultimate sin. She is strong, powerful, and resilient. The wolf woman holds true class, and sees herself as a true goddess. Despite her personality, she knows how to hide her true emotions and intentions. She has a taste for hedonism. luxury, and wealth, which she believes adds to someone's rank and status. Rank is key, showing who stands where. Zamdra also believes that one's bloodline is important, and partly defines them in a great way. Loyalty is important to the woman, and she respects her superiors and her pack without question, despite her personality. Due to this, she is completely submissive to her superiors, and will follow and serve them without question. She knows her place in the pack, and will behave as such. Zamdra is very social, and loves to socialize and mingle with others. Even though her personality is dark and dominant, she secretly cares for pack members she deems worthy, and those she decides to care for. She strongly respects her pack and it's ways, taking their culture and all, as her own, like a second instinct. It runs fresh through her blood. As a lady, she tends to show class before violence, but at most times sees violence as a useful necessity. Zamdra possesses class, in which she maintains constantly. She carries herself with a air of nobility, and as a wolf, and a Silverborne, believes she is important in her own right. She carries the Silverborne name like a jeweled crown. She has a knack for making jewelry as well as making and wearing clothes. Due to her great intelligence, she can also read and write, making her highly and completely literate. She has basic cooking skills.
Zamdra was born into the pack known as DeathShard pack. This was a pack of fearless, dangerous, and terrifying wolves, who destroyed their enemies with brute force. Zamdra was born to the alphas, and had two older sisters from a previous litter. She was showered with gifts, and raised to be strong and ill natured like her sisters and parents. As a pup, Zamdra made her parents proud by bullying the other pups and dominating them. She made sure they knew who was boss. When she shifted for the first time, she began her training as a high ranking hunter in the pack. Carrying the name Silverborne meant that she held high status in the pack. She trained day in and day out, training, learning how to hone her hunting skills. She also inherited her arrogant and vain attitude from her older sisters. One day, one of the neighboring packs have had enough of the tyranny of the DeathShard pack, so a giant war broke out. The Deathshard pack fought with their full might, but were defeated. The alphas, Zamdra's parents, were killed, while her older sisters ran for their lives. Now Zamdra is on her own, determined to bring back her family name to its former glory.
Xena Silverborne - sister
Nova Silverborne- sister
Zamdra has a white female horse known by the name of Frost, which she took when escaping the war.