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Dog/wolf hybrid (50% German Shepherd, 50% Grey Wolf) Ortus
Medium-tall woman who is a little bit chunky but not too overweight. She has the tell-tall coat of a German Shepherd but the face and tail of a wolf, large dog paws and long legs and arms. Her eyes are dark yellow-orange. She wears a tattered skirt and leather cover over her chest. She always looks worried. A few viable tumors on her body she wraps tight with bandages so it looks like she is beat up. Despite not being thin, she looks sicky. She is young but is greying on her face due to stressed like her sickness and caring for herself and Amias as loners. She is uncannily sweet and accommodating. She hates to be a burden to anyone but cannot help being weakhearted and easy to manipulate. She loves her son, Amias to bits and looks past any flaws he may have to a fault. She is a little bit shy at first, but talks alot once she gets to know people. All she wants is for her son to be safe. She is overly selfless, but has reason as she doesnt know how long she has to live with her cancer. She wants to make the best of every day and is very optimistic.
She comes from a rundown family of drug head bungalows. Quickly as she could she left home, she slept around, she was easily manipulated by men, but she didn't mind much. She smoked for a while but stopped as soon as she knew she was pregnant. After a one-night-stand with a monstrous male she realized she was pregnant, she had been pregnant before but always lost the babies before term. This time she gave birth to a son and two stillborn pups. She mourned the stillborn ones but fawned over her large pup who was quickly growing to be a beautiful child. She tought him to be kind to everyone and to show affection, to love others as himself and to be polite and do honest work. She knows that after her last one night stand with the father though that she contracted some form of transmittal cancer and has been hidding it from her son while trying to find somewhere her son can be safe as her end is coming closer with every day that passes.
Click Here cNPC: Amias Maelstrom (young son)