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Suniva primarily maintains her Optime form. She is petite in stature, standing just a little shorter than an average female, and has the lean musculature of a runner. Her facial features are prim and almost fox-like. Her coat is full and at its base is silvery gray which fades to almost-white at her underbelly and is tipped with black at her nose, ears, and down her back. In Optime form this dorsal stripe is translated into a long, full, ebony mane which she often keeps clipped back out of her pale yellow eyes. She carries herself fully upright and does not often wear clothes, although she does usually carry a cross-body satchel in which she stores any odds or ends she might find useful or interesting. Suniva is generally optimistic in nature. She is fairly friendly, though she tends to chatter when she gets nervous and often blurts things without a filter.
Suniva was born in central Canada to a matriarchal pack. Her mother was emotionally abusive and their relationship was complicated for that reason, but otherwise she had a fairly uneventful upbringing. She grew up hearing stories of her mysterious great grandmother, who was with the pack just long enough to give birth and then vanished once more, leaving her puppies with another nursing mother before they were even weaned. At a little over the age of one year, Suniva grew restless underneath her mother’s critical gaze and decided to set out to find the land of her great grandmother, with only the wisps of stories to guide her.
Great-great grandmother - Nirupama Somatra
Great-great grandfather - Nirupama Amal
Great grandmother - Nirupama Rashmi
Great grandfather - Pyrrha Fang
Grandmother - Portia Rashmi
Grandfather - Erasmus Fane
Mother - Idona Jade
Father - Atticus Rashmi

Great-great uncle - Darkling Owl
Great uncles - Nirupama Tsunami, Nirupama Hale, Nirupama Apollyon, Nirupama Noirci
Great aunt - Argent Rashmi
Cousins - Bane Kiles, Nirupama Willow, Nirupama Ire
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