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Coywolf Ortus
A strange looking creature upon first glance and not much better upon the second glance.

He is rather lanky thanks to terribly long legs that put him at about twenty-seven inches (27 in.) at the shoulder. As if his awkwardly long legs weren't enough he has been graced with large, triangular ears due to his coyote lineage.

His build is lean to compliment his tall frame despite him weighing in at about fifty pounds (50 lbs.) and most of it is only mandatory muscle mass.

Rasmus' fur is painted of a few basic colors. He has a gingery-russet base that takes up over half of his for. Masking his face and running down his back is a drab shade of grey. Cupping the back of his ears, dappling down his spine to the tip of his tail, along with painting the bridge of his muzzle is a rich shade of black. A creamy color accents the inside of his ears and the underside of his tail. To add a bit of life to such a dry appearance Rasmus' eyes are a pale blue.

Currently he is untouched by modifications, scars or other blemishes but it's highly likely that will change with time.

Often comes off as shady or generally odd upon first meetings. The Coywolf is always quick to shy away from the center of attention. He also seems a bit skittish, willing giving displays of submission to anyone who comes upon him unexpectedly. It is unknown (to other's) if Rasmus' is just like this or if something happened to make him this way.

He prefers to stay out of touch with this reality and seek another through almost 'mystical' ways. He fancies himself as some kind of fortune teller despite most of his telling being wild guesses with a bit of theatrical flair. Typically he tries to bring people happiness with this but cross him and he might use his self-proclaimed 'powers' to read you a bad fortune.

At his core he is a lonely sack of fur, bumbling through life and latching onto anyone who will have him - even if it's only for a night. He craves affection, praise and attention but is a bit too skittish to go out of way to seek it himself. Rasmus' believes that he can perhaps lure someone to him through his less-than-desirable qualities.

Time will only tell if he finds everything he is hoping for or if the world chews him up and spits him back out.
Second born son of three to a lowly couple, Rasmus' did not exactly have it easy from the start. He was constantly crammed between a loud-mouthed older sibling and a overly needy younger sibling for most of his youth. As such he struggled to come out of shell for some time, often times reverting to more solo activities.

Eventually he found a nice older woman (who had become isolated from her own family some years ago) to spend most of his days shadowing. She seemed to know all sorts of things and the ignored boy was more than willing to listen to her ramble on and on. She was more of a mother to Rasmus' than his own mother was. Eagerly he learned everything he could from her. It was during his days with her that he learned a thing or two about fortune telling. Although he was never as good as her, he kept up with the trade in order to make himself and others feel good.

When she passed away from natural causes and his parents still seemed to pay little mind to him, Rasmus saw it as the perfect time to set out and explore the world.