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In Character

Female 17 Jan 2016
50% Gray Wolf, 30% Siberian Husky, 20% Mutt Ortus
Her coat is colored primarily a medium grey with a blanket of darker steely grey that covers from the top of her head, all the way down her shoulders, back and mostly down her sides. On each leg is a white stripe-like marking that slowly transitions into the white of her lower limbs. This white also adorns her muzzle, cheeks, chest and underside, as well as creates unique triangular patches around both eyes. The tip of her tail is also dipped in white. Her inner ears are the same light grey as her body and the right one is drooped. The tips of both her ears are adorned in black as are the toes on her rear left foot. Peppered over her shoulder blades and haunches is a smattering of small speckles and spots in ivory, ebony and varying shades of greys creating the appearance of a fur pattern similar to that of a fawn, just more clustered together. Kova stands 5', 11" (71in/180cm) in Optime form (which she prefers over all other forms). She moves fairly gracefully for her size,. Quiet and careful, her skills as a hunter condition her to move deftly so as to go undetected as much as possible. When she speaks, her voice is softer than one would expect, and carries a mild, unidentifiable foreign twist of an accent. Her hair is wavy, mid back length, black with some highlight of dark grey. She will sometimes stick feathers or beads in it. It is usually worn loose down her back. Her right eye is a gorgeous sky blue but has a sliver of silver almost reminiscent of a thin crescent moon in the iris. Her left eye is a bright silver with flecks of the same sky blue within its iris. She has a thin scar along her ribs on her right side beneath her breast from a knife injury sustained while fighting a band of loners that attacked her pack. More recently she's attained three slash scars upon her right cheek beneath her eye.

Clothing & Accessories/Other Belongings:
*A heavy, grey fur, traveling cloak.
*A braided leather thong necklace with a smokey quartz stone.
*Carved wood bow adorned with leather wrapped grip and various feathers, passed down from her great grandfather, rabbit leather quiver and handmade fletched arrows.
*A small antler knife.
*A tatty, sun bleached and crudely re-bound leather cover book which has pressed leaves, flowers, and other items from nature within its blank, washed out pages.
*Bear fur/hide blanket.
*Small storage pack, basic survival gear and healer kit, small amount of tradable goods.


Positive Traits: Adventurous, adaptable, introverted, articulate, charismatic, intelligent, inquisitive, dedicated, dutiful, freethinking, loyal, innovative, hardworking, observant, eager, respectful, soft-spoken, honest/blunt, respectful, flirty.

Negative Traits: Impatient, isolating, manipulative, competitive, emotional, somewhat gullible, sarcastic, stoic, stubborn, aloof, quick to become defensive.

Vices: Alcohol and sex once she discovers them.

Other: Suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

NOTE: See Koveiah's Wiki for her FULL Biography!

*Born in an isolated area of the central-north Canadian wilderness alongside her siblings. Raised in a small, family oriented tribe-like pack.

*Grew up being constantly taught and expected to uphold customs passed down from generations, including the handing down of treasured possessions from her ancestors.

*Kova was chosen by the pack's elders to follow the "Path of the Healer" and so at a young age began training to be a medic. While she enjoyed the learning aspects, she didn't necessarily enjoy practicing the actual art of healing. Her attention was far more attracted to the "Path of the Hunter". It was at around a year and a half of age that she first snuck out and began to practice with a bow and arrows without permission.

*She would sneak out more and more (night and day), against the cautioning words of her siblings, and practice until she became good enough with a bow to hunt large game. Though, even as she helped to provide for her pack, she'd never take the credit for the additional food in their stock. It was her little secret.

*On the night of her 2nd birthday, Koveiah's grandfather presented her with her very own bow, quiver and arrows. The gear was passed down from her great grandfather. "Use it well." He told her. Honored, but confused, she found that her grandfather had been watching her for many months as she honed her archery skills...

***Continued In Wiki!!***

*Kova and Fell went their separate ways after he finally started speaking again and the two had an argument. They have not since reunited

*Kova encountered an angry bear that attacked her. Her ermine, Opal, tried to help save her life, but in the end lost her life because of it. Kova killed the bear and skinned for its hide to remember her companion. She ended up with claw marks across her cheek in the fight.

*She currently is riding out the winter season, hoping to join a pack soon.
Mother: Llewllyn Stark (Deceased)
Father: Cirrus Stark (Deceased)
Older Sister: Luna Stark
Younger Sister: Reyna Stark (Adoptive)
Brother: Fell Stark (cNPC)
Companion: Opal (Ermine)
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