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Naira's mixed Arctic and Mackenzie Valley wolf blood has given her the more rounded, and smaller shape of her colder heritage, but the slightly thinner coat of her Southern brethren. She is white from the paws to her belly, graying out around her elbows and thighs and up the rest of her coat. Her hair darkens to a dull silver, with a few ribs of darker gray braking up her solid shade along her spine. Rusty brown guard hairs fleck along her shoulders and up her neck during summer months though rarely enough to ever be considered part of her main color.

Naira's face, while sharper and longer than any pure lupus arctos, favors her colder blood. Her neck is fully gray, though lighter along her throat, while her lower jaw is white all the way to her cheeks. A light gray rings her golden eyes fading into the darker shade around the rest of her face. A very dark gray stripe slowly builds up from the tip of her nose to the middle of her forehead before fading out slightly and covering her short, round ears, framing the gray inner ear hair. Naira’s bushy tail is the same gray as along her back with a thin white stripe running along its underside, though never reaching the tip.

While her coat changes little in either Lupus, Secui or Optime forms it can be noted that aside from the normal lengthening of the mane, Naira gains a much more pronounced ruff around her neck and slightly down her chest. Her combined inheritance from her lupus arctos blood (a thicker coat) and her lupus occidentalis heritage (a thicker neck), forms almost a scarf. Her arctic ‘collar’.
In her Optime form Naira will also be seen with hair that reaches a little past her jaw and in the same dark gray that coats the back of her ears. If she plans to spend any length of time in this form, then her hair will be pulled back into a high tail with twisted bark, roots or grass to keep it out of her way.

Lupus, height: 28 in, Length: 39 in, Weight: 74lb
Secui, height: 37 in, Length: 50 in, Weight: 149lb
Optime, height: 6' 2 in, Weight: 178lb
At almost four years Naira has had to face some ugly truths about herself. She knows her pride is her biggest flaw, and tries to keep it in check, but it will often get the better of her. Hunting is Naira’s true love and she loves every moment of it, from the tracking to the chase and then, finally, the kill. Due to this almost obsession with hunting Naira spends very little time in her Optime form, only really making use of it when she has to resort to killing birds for food,and would rather not spend a week coughing up feathers. It is in her Secui form that she feels most at home though she spends a good amount of time in her Lupus fore when she is traveling.

When not hunting or trying to prove her skills to others, or herself, Naira often reflects back on her past mistakes, mostly on having left her family and pack. She misses her brothers a lot but tries not to dwell too deeply on what could have been, knowing that she could drown in her regret. Right or wrong she has to keep going.

Behind the pride and the regret Naira is, at heart, a wolf who enjoys life and all it has to offer. Hopefully she can finally find a place to stop chasing a false dream and to start living her real life.
Naira comes from a large, but scattered, Luperci pack found on Victoria Island called Baylet. The Pack is made up of mostly Arctic bloodlines with a few Mackenzie Valley wolves woven into the linage, and, though no wolf would ever be turned away, the harsh environment and secluded area has meant that few other wolf breeds have ever played much of a part in the continued lines. Baylet lends itself towards living alongside nature and changing one’s self rather than changing the environment thus they do not keep any domesticated animals or practice any sort of pet keeping. While numbering around forty individuals the pack is scattered into family hunting parties of around four or five, only really getting together for large hunts, rearing puppies or on the solstices.

Naira was born to Galrath and Sotari in the spring, in a litter of four, though the youngest boy did not survive. Despite this early loss her and her two other brothers grew well and strong, quickly learning the ways of the wild, the hunt and the wolf. Her naming did not take place till her first shift into her Optime form at almost seven months old where she was then given her name by the elders of the pack, as is tradition within the Baylet.

Life and family was hard but good and rewarding. Nothing could beat the feel of a successful hunt, be it rabbit or caribou. Surviving her first cold winter was a trial, but along with her brothers Kokaw and Fenth, all three got to see the return of the spring however the Sun’s warmth pulled Naira further and further away from her family. Without the harshness of the winter the young wolf found herself exploring more on her own, her kills might have been smaller but she felt strangely stronger for having accomplished them by herself. Each kill would bring her praise from her brothers but her building pride slowly turned sour as the seasons rolled around again.

When winter once again gripped the Island, Naira kept fleeing South to find prey she could manage by herself. Her time and success alone had left her far too prideful to accept help for others, feeling it lessened her to need help with her kills, and no matter how many times others of the pack offered to hunt with her she always turned her nose up - even if it meant going hungry.

After a very hard and hungry second winter Naira fled the island and her pack lands in search of a place she could run free and hone her hunting skills without the depth of winter that she had had to suffer with in the north. Away from all help and from the land she knew, Naira almost didn’t make it during her first year of ‘freedom’. Constantly traveling she searched for the place that she was sure existed, a place where she could hunt freely all year round...but such a place didn’t exist.

Only now, in her fourth winter, dose Naira see the mistake she made. Swallowing her pride has proven to be a bitter meal but she now realizes that if she is to become stronger she needs to find a pack to run with. Only now does she understand her Pack’s teachings, and it is up to her to start changing.
30th Dec (morning) - In the mud After getting struck by a family of Skunks Naira tries to rid herself of the smell with a mud bath. There she meets Shiloh Dawnbringer and X'yrin Exultare.

4th Jan (evening) - Quick Bite While hunting rodents Naira meets back up with X'yrin Exultare.