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Coydog (50% coydog 50 percent African village dog) Ortus
Khufu resembles a dog mostly in lupus form. His coloration is reddish like his mother (an African village dog) with gray accents at his ruff and down all four legs as well as the underside of his tail. He has shorter fur than his father (an American coydog) but it's longer and thicker than that of his mother. His coloration makes it seem to some that his muzzle is prematurely grayed, but his youthful bearing and appearance keeps others from immediately assuming he's older. He has the upright and alert looking posture of his mother's people and is more dog than coyote in shape. His eyes and nose are dark.

In secui form, his ruff takes on a darker gray coloration and his tail is thicker. They gray accents on his face take on a more silvery tone and his cheeks are rounder. The length of his legs is even more exaggerated in this form and he could be said to look awkward when not moving. When in motion however, his long limbs look graceful and powerful.

In optime form, his mane is a dark gray with silvery highlights. He often wears it with several braids that are decorated with beads. His limbs are long and relatively slender. His facial features (mostly inherited from his African dog mother) convey a sense of intelligence in all forms.
Khufu is generally quiet, preferring to watch and wait before jumping into a situation. He often comes off to others as somewhat aloof for this. However, he enjoys interacting with those he has taken the time to get to know, or rather those who have taken the initiative to approach him. Khufu is usually playful with those he trusts, but can become serious in a heartbeat when the situation calls for it. He enjoys hunting greatly and takes pride in his kills. In the village he grew up in in Africa, his mother's people kept hunting trophies and used them as ornamentation. He continues this tradition in his travels, usually making beads from bones and horns or antlers to wear in his braids. He is sometimes slow to trust, but has a soft a spot for puppies and those who smell of motherhood. He prefers colder climates, and is often in a much better mood when it's chilly. He has little tolerance for those who judge others, or who would harm pups. He inherited his love for adventure and travel from his father and loves learning how other packs interact. He is often sentimental, carrying with him beads his mother made braided into his mane. Simultaneously an adventurer and a lover of pack life, he loves pack life, but has trouble dealing with the social situations.

*Khufu is portrayed as having autism if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask*
Khufu's father is a mix of coyote and landrace dogs from the Appalachian area of America. His father traveled often, wishing to find the perfect pack, but was never satisfied until he met khufu's mother.
His mother is an African village dog, resembling a basenji but taller and without the curled tail. She is a midwife in her village, assisting with whelpings as well as general healer duties. Khufu grew up assisting his mother caring for new moms and their pups and his earliest and fondest memories are of those times. Khufu gained a love of travel from his father, who told him of his own travels. His father has lived in several countries, visiting multiple packs in each. He was fascinated more by his father's talks of the cultures he saw than by the simple act of adventuring, as his father was. Khufu himself has traveled extensively around northern Africa and has visited Spain and France more recently. All his adventuring thus far has been with his father, traveling around in nearby areas just to satisfy Khufu's need for adventure but his father has chosen to stay in Africa now, and Khufu has decided to continue to 'souls via ship. His village was part of a larger pack, a grouping of several small villages. It has a very loose hierarchy, but having lived with many different packs, he is used to many ways of life, from strict roles to informal, almost irreverent structures.
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