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Wolf Ortus
Lanky and nimble, Lugobi stands smaller than normal due to his young age. He still has room to grow and he isn't much of a fighter, despite the many fights he may pick, but his smaller size has allowed him to focus on harnessing his speed. He can catch fish and small prey fairly easily, but when it comes to brute force, most wolves out muscle him in strength.

The smells of oak and maple from home are ingrained in his very skin. His hazel eyes, like sunlit sap, seem to hold an undying glint in them when he's feeling particularly humorous or stubborn. He wears a simple leather bound necklace with falcon feathers and beads around his neck, a symbol of his kin.

His coffee-toned fur is colored with creamy browns. His snout, paws, and the tip of his long tail are colored as though he was lathered in chocolate, or lounged in a wet puddle of mud for too long.

After some of the earlier Red Wolves migrated north, their fur began growing a little thicker, light enough to keep cool from exertion but heavy enough to retain heat from the often chilly weather of the northern mountains or taking dips into the water when fishing.

Due to his enslavement at Camp Black as a pup, he has a brand which was burned into the left side of his haunches. The tiny letters of 'KB' permanently mark him as a runaway slave, and act as a reminder that he has been tainted in unforgivable ways.
Lugobi, or Lugo as he prefers, is 14 months old, but still a pup at heart. He has a history of not knowing when to stop running his maw, even when he knows he isn't helping things. This has gotten him into plenty of trouble in the past, and his stubbornness refuses to back down from a challenge.

He has, what he thinks, is a decent sense of humor, often used to cover for his emotions in dangerous or depressing situations. To some, the comedy relief is appreciated, and to many others, a mighty annoyance, but Lugo tries not to think about that too much.

Never minding much of what others think, he attempts to live life as carefree as possible, seeking the simple joys in life with an underlying yearning for purpose. Overly curious, and fairly lazy, he's more than happy to let others do the heavy lifting while he lurks in the shadows or sits by and watches.

A selfless, more sentimental side becomes apparent in him when involving others he's grown close with, but his previous endeavors at Camp Black as a younger pup have hardened his metaphorical walls exponentially. Weary to grow closer to others, his sassy quips and self-deprecating remarks act as a personal buffer, keeping everyone else at bay.

Much is the tradition of his previous home, Lugo prefers his Lupus form, but will take Optime occasionally and when necessary. He is a little clumsier in Optime form, due to its lack of use.
Lugo was born in the southern mountains of Ontario, among a tribe that hugs Lake Superior. As one of the sons to the Featherpaw alpha, it was expected of Lugo to be mated off to the daughter of another tribe to start their own, specifically Cadence Dreamwing. The two had been dear friends since they were born, and spent every spare moment together being mischievous and exploring the vast forests and beautiful mountains of Ontario.

At the age of 8 months, the two young pups were ambushed by strong wolves working for a terrible place called Camp Black. Cadence managed to escape their clutches, where Lugo was taken as a slave and forced into life altering experiences that left him far more hardened than when he'd entered.

After a few months, Lugo managed to make a desperate escape attempt during the camp's massive transport to a new area of business and spent another few months on the run from anyone he thought might have been working for Camp Black. Feeling broken and untrusting of others, Lugo isolated himself for a long time, trying to overcome and leave behind the nightmarish acts that took place there. Ashamed of the things done to him, he could not bring himself to return home to his once-perfect life.

Entering fourteen months of age, Lugo thought he'd made it far enough away that Camp Black was finally behind him, until he stumbled upon a couple of their wolves scavenging the area for potential profit. They recognized Lugo's brand and immediately set out to capture him. In his frantic need to escape them, he grows ever nearer to the coastline of Nova Scotia.
Peio Featherpaw - Mother
Hearne Featherpaw - Father
Cadence Dreamwing - Destined Mate from Another Tribe
Cedric Powell - Handler at Camp Black
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