Venus Naefir

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The coat of the female resembles every bit of her mother. The lightest shade of brown that covers her muzzle and reaches down her neck, chest, limbs and under her stomach and tail. Multiple shades of brown trickling down her snout to her tail. The brown fur becomes darker on her back and the tip of her tail. This is something that is similar throughout her three forms. As a Lupus, the features of her body is more defined, sharp claws, sharper fangs, her eyes more feral and aggressive in this form.

Her appearance in the Secui form is only altered slightly. Despite the thicker mane and retractable claws, she does not appear feral with a gaze much calmer and intelligent than her form as a lupus. The final form is the Optime. She stands at least 6 feet tall with a straight posture. Sitting atop her head is a long thick mane that is brown and darker. It hangs just a few inches below her shoulders. It is a form Venus feels comfortable in, but she has a soft spot for her Secui form for it makes her feel more connected to the wild while the Optime allows her to develop skills that she could not acquire as a Secui or Lupus.
As a child, Venus was always the one to wander from her tasks because of the overwhelming sense of curiosity that she has. Any bump in the night, twigs snapping or something just smelling off in the air, she is the first to investigate just to satisfy her curiosity. The curious girl learned to control her habits because it has dragged her off to some danger, forcing her mother or father to come to rescue her. While Venus is still young, she has a habit of being naive and gullible. It's not her fault. The girl is still growing and has a lot to learn about the world, but because of this, she can sometimes be viewed as childish.

The girl has a craving for knowledge which can be easily be satisfied by sitting down and learning something. Or standing up and learn from her mentor. She can be a dutiful student, despite her wandering mind, and is eager to prove her worth to anyone. Venus is still learning to become more independent and provide for herself. While she may still be young in the eyes of many adults, she does not want them to think she is a pathetic helpless pup. With the skills that she can learn and the wisdom passed down to her, Venus will become a better, more mature, version of herself someday.
The life of Venus Naefir was a simple one. Her life was not plagued by tragedy, a terrible omen, or a war-stricken home. It was… simple. The girl was raised in a tribe far east, so small and have easily gone unnoticed for long periods of time, but when they make their appearance known, they bring goods for trades to benefit their small community. It is a tight community of wolves through and through. They do not run as a pack because there was simply no need for such things. Their leader, Hans, kept order in the tribe alongside his beloved mate, Aery. Together they rule over the small nameless tribe. They needn’t a name to label themselves, anyone was free to come and go, as long as they were not criminals. It was the only rule they placed on their tribe and it was something that was respected.

Together, Hans and Aery were able to bring a single pup into the world. It was a miracle for Aery as the woman was unable to produce any young of her own for years, leaving a rift to bloom between her and Hans over the idea that they could not have a child. She knew his eyes were wandering to the other females of the tribe and she was growing desperate. After many trial and error, Venus was born. The girl was a spitting image of her mother, that was something her father noted but loved her nonetheless. Despite the child they created together, the love between Hans and Aery had died and they only remained with each other to protect their child and the image of their reputation. Together as a team, they raised their daughter the same way they lead their small tribe, only to sneak off in the dead of the night to be away from each other and mingle with others of the tribe. They would do it every night for months until the girl was 11 months old.

Venus was not stupid of their adultery habits, but she would not let it go on any longer than it must. The girl was determined to find them and bring them back. After wandering the forest for so long, she decided it was best to leave them. Not because she did not love them anymore, but she grew tired of the way they treated her and each other and wanted more from the world than what the tribe had to offer. So she walked off. Leaving in the dead of the night and moved up north, unaware of what to expect or who she would encounter.