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I'm pretty easy going, but prone to hyperfixation. I like to think I'm easy to get along with!

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Dog Ortus
Morgue is almost always in Optime form.

Morgue is short, but with dense, compact muscle. She has a smooth, dense double coat in black-and-tan colours, including tan eyebrows, a tan muzzle, throat, and cheek spots, and tan "socks" on all four limbs. Her tail is slightly curled and has fluffier fur than the rest of her body. She has dark brown eyes. She has a notch and one gold stud in her right ear, and two studs in her left; she has a gold ring septum piercing. Her tongue is a distinctive Chow Chow blue, and her muzzle is square, but longer than a purebred Chow, with a fully black. Her paws are small and compact, with black claws and paw pads.

In Lupus form she is 22" and 60 lbs. She has a distinctive ruff around her neck and has a stocky, "bear"-like silhouette, with very straight hind legs.

In Secui form she is 35" and 120 lbs. Her ruff is much more pronounced and mane-like in this form, almost akin to a lion, and her usually small paws are much larger. This form is the least used of Morgue's shapes.

In Optime form, Morgue is 5" tall and 150 lbs. In this form her build appears athletic and lean-muscled, with deep rib cage and a flat chest, and her dense, dark mane becomes long and luxuriously curly; she most often ties it half up into a bun pierced through with a crows-foot hairpin and lets the rest hang to her waist. She holds herself fully upright and often wears jewellery (bones, horn, and gold being her preferred materials). Her fur is dense enough that she doesn't usually seek clothing, but when she does it is in the form of dark shawls, wraps, and other loose-fitting knitwear.

Art by Emma Coffey over on :
Morgue has a mischievous, somewhat secretive and cryptic nature. A natural born liar, Morgue loves to leave others guessing and to pull strings from the shadows to bring about her preferred outcomes. She has a flair for the dramatic, and tends to cultivate a reputation as someone it is better to be on the good side of than not; whether or not she would ever actually do anything to those that crossed her is up for debate.

Morgue is a self-titled witch and a consummate occultist, fortune teller, trickster, and hedge-crosser. She considers herself an expert in all things supernatural and spiritual, and even practices basic herbal medicine-- or "wortcunning"-- alongside her more metaphysical interests.

She holds herself in high regard, and insists that strong self esteem is mandatory for a witch of any respectable caliber. Though some might take issue with her perceived arrogance, she can be charming and observant in surprising ways (often noticing more than she lets on) and has never had difficulty making friends.

Morgue is a lesbian and has little interest in men even in a social context. She is not hostile towards them, but sees no reason to interact with them unless absolutely necessary, or if they seek her attention first. She believes that all men are "blind to the unseen", and therefore cannot contribute to or understand her work. In her eyes, their only value is in reproduction. She is highly suspicious of men in positions of spiritual power.

When she develops an interest in a woman, she expresses her affection through gifts in the forms of personalised protective charms, handmade herbal teas, interesting bones, and offers of fortune telling. This happens often; Morgue is prone to crushes.
Morgue was born and raised in a a coven-pack of witch-dogs in the Great Triley Wood of Powys, Wales. The pack was governed by a matriarchal trio, and below them was a hierarchy based on seniority and expertise in various aspects of witchcraft. Morgue's own mother was the pack's leading expert in divination, teaching pups how to read the cards, scrying bones, runes, or even how to draw omens from smoke. She never knew her father, as there were no males in the pack at the time of her birth; it was customary for the witch-dogs to seek mates from outside the pack in order to conceive, and the pack itself was difficult (and unpleasant) to find, their homes being built into trees above ground level to avoid the regular flooding caused by the Afon Gafenni river.

Morgue was born on Samhain, the only one of three pups to be born alive, which was taken as a significant omen by the pack. Named for an ancient witch-queen, Morgue was partly raised by her mother and partly tutored by the three alpha females in the cunning arts. She excelled, but whether this was due to innate talent or due to her careful instruction was ambiguous. Morgue was popular with other pups of similar age, but never totally trusted due to her position of relative privilege.

Always prone to vivid dreams, at fifteen months old she was struck by recurring dreams all centered around a great oceanic journey. Raised to take prophetic dreams very seriously, after some discussion with the heads of her pack it was decided that she would follow these visions to wherever fate would carry her; runes cast over a map determined the direction she would travel, and the exact ship she booked passage on-- and thus the exact destination-- was decided on a hunch whilst she stood on the Cardiff docks. Ultimately, the long and unpleasant sea journey lead her to Portland, and from there she has followed omens in the forms of weather patterns, bird formations, unusual dreams, and card readings to determine her course. Finally, she has arrived in Nova Scotia; whether or not she will stay has yet to be determined, but something in her gut tells her that she has business here.

1 x Worn Tarot Cards
1 x Set of Knuckle Bone Dice
1 x Set of Runestones
1 x Black Wool Shawl w/ Hood
1 x Luperci-Made Leather Rucksack
1 x Bone-Handled Hunting Knife
1 x Small Cauldron
1 x Collection of Misc Herbs
5 x Bundles of Stick Incense (+1 holder)
2 x Flint and Steel
1 x Mortar + Pestle
1 x Fallow Deer Pelt Cloak w/ Antler Pin
1 x Crow Foot Hairpin
Misc Jewellery
Misc Feathers/Bones/Claws


Fortune Telling (Expert)
Wortcunning (Expert)
Occultism/Spirit Work/Hexes/Charms/Rituals (Debatable; it certainly LOOKS good, but not everyone thinks it works)
Hunting; Lupus Form (Intermediate)
Hunting; Optime Form (Novice)
Gardening (Intermediate)
Mother: Bronwyn (Welsh Collie)
Father: ??? (Chow Chow)