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Female 20 Apr 2016
50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 20% Mountain Coyote, 30% Australian Cattle Dog Ortus
She has most of the size and stamina of her wolf father, as well as her long powerful legs, which gives her most of her height. Though she has a strong neck and broad shoulders, her build is that of a runner, packed with muscle but still lean. Keelan is nearly always in Optime form, and so stands tall and square in almost all situations, but her tail hangs low, often sweeping the ground. She has the broad skull and square muzzle of her father, save her wide-set, sharply pointed ears. her teeth are also a touch longer than normal so that the tips of her canines poke out of her lips. The female usually keeps her multi-shaded dark brown mane cut short, and doesn’t style it often. However, she will occasionally brush it forward in a messy, roguish look.

In warm weather, she often wears a pair of worn buckskin pants, small holes torn at both knees. She will also often wear a long sleeve button up, only doing up one or two of the crude bone buttons. On the other hand, she will wear buffalo hide pants, fur side in, and buffalo hide jacket, fur side in, over a fully buttoned shirt during winter. Whatever pants she wears, they are held up by a black tanned leather belt, a pair of long steel knives with antler handles in sheaths hanging from it. At almost all times, Keelan will wear a string of bear claws on a leather thong as a necklace.

Keelan’s coat is a blend of both her parents, with gray-blue ticking scattered throughout her creamy fur. Stretching from the base of her skull to tail tip, and coming across her shoulders is a two-tone band of dark brown, similar to her father’s agouti markings. She has a black half mask stretching across the right side of her face, over her ear and wrapping around her eye. The female also has various tan markings. These including “eyebrows” over both her pale purple eyes, twin patches on either side of her chest, and strips from elbow to wrist on the backs of both front legs. Her deep chocolate nose and paw pads nearly blend into her fur because most of her coloring is rather dark.
Keelan is calm and reserved, preferring to listen rather than speak, but is capable of being friendly to strangers if she thinks they might be useful to her. She is always happy to talk about her work with horses or hunting but doesn’t often brag. Confidence seems to fill her every move, but she’s not terribly cocky and will accept help or advise, so long as it comes from someone she respects. Her loyalty is not earned easily but will last for a lifetime, so long as you keep her respect. The female can be incredibly passionate towards her lovers and cares deeply about the horses she deals with and how she goes about her work, whatever that might be. When it comes to her loved ones, care and compassion is in her every action, but strangers barely warrant a second glance. While she is usually calm and quiet, the fastest way to bring her temper to the surface is to harm the helpless, such as children or animals. Once she is angry, she tends to stay that way for a long time and can hold a grudge for years, however, she is very careful to only ever act on that anger towards those she believes deserve it. Whether anyone else would believe they do is an entirely different matter.
Keelan is the daughter of Noreen Kearney, a coydog, and Tasunka, a Mackenzie Valley Wolf. The pair had a short fling, which ended when he disappeared shortly after Noreen fell pregnant, leaving her to raise their pups with her clan. She gave birth to Keelan and her siblings, Mannix and Norah, on April 20, 2016. Her litter spent the next few weeks of their lives carried by their mother in a sling as she went about her duties. These included skinning and cooking game, gathering food and plants, tanning hides, making and repairing clothes, blankets, horse tack, and tipis. She also helped to pull down and construct tipis when the clan moved to a new campsite.

Once the pups could move around on their own safely, Noreen allowed them to roam about the camp. They were allowed to play with other pups as long as they stayed in camp but were also expected to tag along with adults to try and figure out what skills they wanted to learn. Keelan and her siblings about 6 months old the first time they shifted. It was at this time that she started to follow her mother and learned her particular skills, as well as basic survival skills such as fire making. Noreen taught her how to skin prey and treat hides for different uses, as well as how to make and repair blankets, horse tack, and some clothing. She also learned the basics of making, constructing, and pulling down tipis.

She learned from her mother for 3 months, along with learning how to better control her shifting, before she began to follow her grandmother Caitlin. The female was taught the basics of horsemanship over the next few months, such as how to care for and ride horses well. Once Caitlin was satisfied that she had learned enough, she took the opportunity of the clan’s annual spring roundup of horse herds to begin teaching her how to tame and train wild horses. First, who taught her which horses to choose, explaining that they should be fairly young, 2 to 5 years old, and large enough to carry a Luperci safely. Next came how to gain a horse’s trust through a process the clan called “join-up.” Finally, she was taught the fastest, but simplest, ways of training a young horse. It was also during this time that Keelan developed a crush on her cousin Liam’s mate, which caused her to realize that she is gay.

As all of this was going on, Keelan also began to learn how to hunt from her aunt Moira. They started off learning how to make the bows, arrows, and spears they would use. Once Keelan had learned this well, she was taught how to hunt small game, such as rabbits or birds, with a bow. Only after Moira was satisfied that she could reliably kill such prey did she began to learn how to use a spear. First, the hybrid was taught how to use a spear to defend herself or attack others. Then she began learning how to hunt large game, such as elk or bison, both on foot and on horseback. Keelan was about a year and a half old before her aunt finally felt she was ready to come along on a bison hunt. It was on that first hunt that she killed a half grown bull calf. Her kill was shared with the whole clan, but her mother used the hide to make her thick winter pants and a jacket with ribs sown into the lining as a form of armor.

Keelan and her litter mates continued to learn and refine their chosen skills over the next few months, as well as building various relationships. For Keelan, this included meeting Anna, a coyote who lived near their campsite. The pair had an intensely passionate relationship until they were discovered by Noreen. She told her daughter, in no uncertain terms, that the relationship was unacceptable and needed to end. The female was devastated but ended the relationship shortly before the clan left the area.

When the litter is about 2 years old, Keelan and her siblings leave the clan, without any supplies, on their Turas. The Turas was a 2-week long ritual designed to test if they could survive completely on their own with no assistance. If they came back, the clan would accept them as full adults, able to own horses and take mates. It was towards the end of this time that Keelan managed to kill a black bear with a spear she made herself, proving that she was a capable hunter and warrior to the clan. The hide was turned into a bedroll, and the bear’s claws are strung on a leather thong to make a necklace.

About 2 months after her Turas, Keelan told the clan that she wanted to leave and explore the world. Her mother took this as youthful adventurism and gave her an old mare called Cloud to travel with. That was not the case, as Keelan had been planning to leave since Noreen told her that having a relationship with a woman was unacceptable because she knew that she would only ever be happy with a woman. Regardless of her true motivations, Keelan accepted the horse and left her clan. She slowly traveled east for the next 3 months, meeting many interesting Luperci along the way. One of these was a trader named Claire, who she meant while trading a white-tailed stag she’d killed for a pair of long antler handled steel knives. The pair had a short fling, but Keelan soon continued moving east, eventually winding up in the Souls area.
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