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The Mendicant
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In Character

Male 29 Jan 2018
Coyote / Wolf Hybrid Ortus
Micheal is a blend of his heritage, with multiple hues of blue/grey fading to rust on his muzzle with continued flecking of the same colour on his sides. Towards his chest and underside his pelt fades to a cream. One of his striking features are his eyes, a pale grey with only a hint of blue to soften them. His coyote genetics means he is shorter than a pure wolf, but still tall for a coyote standing at six feet and four inches.

Micheal is still young and his frame is wiry and athletic, made more for speed than for feats of strength, but he still has time.

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He is a quiet and thoughtful young man, who listens carefully before speaking, content in his own company but with little desire to be alone for long periods, Micheal can come across as being placid and biddable. Such an assessment wouldn't be too far from the truth usually, but held within him is also a steely determination, and his youth brings with it a fire that can blaze up quickly, although it just as fast extinguishes. If he can control his temper he might be great one day.
As so many who find their way to the lands of the north, Micheal's brief life has been touched by sadness. His family are no longer with him and the one relation that remains has lost himself to grief. His uncle and guardian is more often than not, the one who requires care and attention. There is no long history to tell here, Micheal is still young, once he was happy, and had all he could have wished for, now he must start again.
Only living relative is an uncle Marcus.