Zaahira al-Ghul

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In Character

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Golden Jackal Ortus
Zaahira uses Optime form almost exclusively. She dresses in dark robes, carefully layered so as to prevent the cold from seeping in. Inside her robes are pockets, either to carry her possessions or to stuff with more insulation, if need be.

Her hands are often blackened with charcoal, as she believes the ashes of fire to be cleansing, and there are similar dark marks around her eyes.

There is a nazar around her neck.
Zaahira appears distant, cold and aloof. Her demeanor does not incline her to making close, easy friends and the oddities of her body language and speech make her difficult to read.

She either makes little eye contact or too much much eye contact, and can come across as either very submissive or very dominant.

She is soft-spoken, with a flat voice and a dry sense of humor that does not always read as sarcasm. The casual air with which she discusses diseases, the dead, and bad spirits can be off-putting to strangers.

The methods she employs in the name of medicine can be painful, and she's been known to ignore suffering if it would be dangerous for her to acknowledge it; she's not going to rescue anyone from armed attackers.

Nonetheless, her intentions are vaguely benevolent. She freely offers medical treatment to strangers, and will feed and house any guests she has, per the laws of hospitality that her tribe once followed.
Born to a tiny tribe of Bedouin jackals, whose numbers were later wiped out by a local plague, Zaahira's goals were set early in life: find disease, any disease, cure it, and save others from dying.

Seeking training and travel, Zaahira left the desert and traveled northward. She traded the remainder of her family's possessions (or what she could carry of them on a camel) in Egypt for food, a safe place to sleep, and education.

Two years later, a disagreement with her teacher led her to board a ship and cross the Mediterranean. She learned to speak English (and a smattering of French, Russian, and Turkish) from the local sailors. She treated their wounds, mended their sails and their clothing, and traveled with them for several months before opting to disembark in London, England.

She set up shop in the Jackal district, and began offering her services as a healer in return for goods. If someone could not pay for their treatment, she offered to treat them in return for experimental--

Zaahira's odd demeanor and her affinity for the dead, the dying and the sick has unfortunately earned her the surname of 'al-Ghul'. Somewhere along the way, her arrival came to be associated with the very thing she was trying to prevent.
Asif al-Ghurab (Eldest Brother)
Faraj al-Ghurab (Brother)