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Interior Alaskan Wolf/Mutt Mix ( Hints of Chow, Pitbull, Belgian Shepherd and some Unknowns ) Verto
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Free lineart by Angely99 from Deviantart.com

Appearance Breakdown:

Body "Shape": Very similar to a Belgian Shepherd's yet a little bit 'stockier' ( 'Rough' Example: Belgian Shepherd )

Height: Average -Will be more descriptive at a later date-

Weight: Average -Will be more descriptive at a later date-

Build: Lithe yet with a resounding muscular undertone

General "Stance" - Optime Form -: Pitch carries himself in a more confident/relaxed way with a sense of 'buried' pride shinning through, with a small smile hardly leaving his features especially in his eyes

Fur Length: Medium-Long and tends too "weigh down", gradually becomes longer starting just below the 'happy trail' area down too the tip of the tail

Tail Length: Appears slightly long for the size/build of the body, helps with balance as he is prone to climbing to either ambush prey or hunt for eggs/chicks

Ear Size/Shape: A little wide at the based and overall being a bit "elongated" compared to the rest of the head

Muzzle Size/Shape: Similar to the shape/profile of a German Shepard's but coming slightly more to a point

Coat Pattern/Coloration: Sum up would be an even mix of "black brindle" ( Example: Black Brindle ) and a "dark mottled" ( Example: Dark Mottled )pattern mostly throughout with "fading" to a solid sleek black at the elbows, at the 'base' of the muzzle, the knees and about a quarter of the tail to the tip of it. All of the coat's coloration being hard-ish to distinguish from itself in the different shades of dark browns, dark auburns, greys and black.

Eye Color: An odd reddish brown that in the right lighting can seem a form of deep blood-red color/tint

Gum/Skin Pigmentation: Black/Dark ( Example: Dark Skin Pigmentation )

Claw Color: Matte Black

Physical Attributes/Anomalies: Minorly nicked left ear

Pitch keeps a form of "pendant/purse" around his neck. The "purse" being a naturally "mummified", whole-bodied, small male Downy Woodpecker ( Example: Downy Woodpecker ) with which he stores any small items he deems useful or interesting in via opening its cut open beak very carefully. The smell of the feathers and old musk hides some of the scents of whatever he has put in there. Currently it houses simple semi-fresh mint leaves as he uses them to 'mark' things/places of interest as using his own scent he felt would gather possible unwanted attention. The body of the bird, just under the wings, is tied with pieces of shredded old hides with fur still attached in places. The overall loop of the shreds fit to where he can easily pull it over his head and the bird rests right in the middle of his collarbone.

As for attire he mostly just 'strikes the nude' finding that the most comfortable but has been known to tie hide -rather crudely- onto his "feet" while traversing in snow or more rocky areas. His parents themselves taking to the Lupus form very often decided that clothes were not very practical and ditched the notion of anything of the sorts ( cloaks, shirts, bags, 'houses', etc. basically anything pertained to a more 'adapted humanoid nature' ), but they did make/utilize crude spears - along with other primitive weaponry - for hunting and fishing.
Personality Traits &Tidbits about him:

- He is a thinker: Pitch is almost always looking for 'solutions' to typical everyday problems and never is fully satisfied with using the same tactic repeatedly in anything even if it had been successful. Along with coming up with different, more efficient, ways to accomplish things he also tries to find the usefulness in objects he happens by.
Ex. When Pitch comes across a decent size turtle he may use a rock to help peel the protective belly shell back or just bust it in while afterwards using the turtle's shell itself for mashing up some more mint leaves in to help compress them better for storage.

- He is socially awkward, but willing to socialize: Pitch has not been around many since being a pup and honestly hardly knows how to 'wolf' due too his parents' "hippie-like" view on life. This attribute steaming from having been the only surviving pup from a small litter and then turning orphan by his mother becoming ill aswell. While having grown up in such a 'sheltered' setting his parents still made sure that english speech was one thing he was taught along with some reading - taught by his mother as she would give lessons to both Otter and Pitch as a pup -.

- Pitch was given his name for his instinctual hankering for "singing" and "howling" as a pup and would often do it for his mother and with his father. A habit he still carries with him as he likes to 'whisper-sing' to himself, especially when getting scared. It has grown to be his "comfort zone" since his parents' deaths. He can also be 'caught' singing when he feels a sense of loneliness, which he seldom feels.

- A bit of a 'Wanderer'/'Adventurer': Pitch does not purposefully seek out amazingly breathtaking mountain top views or crashing, massive waterfalls but he usually ends up at places like such to stay for a few days but eventually carries on as if his feet are searching for something 'more'... Mostly the wandering tends to be behind a good sized herd or flock but he has yet to stick with just following one which lands him traversing mountain passes, plains, etc. but pointedly he avoids structures. Human structures. He was raised on the "knowledge" that things as such were taboo and cursed. That is why they are left to ruin and rot.

- Otter and Fern both decided that History itself was not a topic of survival or ethics so therefore they never even told him how/why they had landed up in the valley before Pitch was born. They also believed that Hierarchy was for those seeking 'power' and growing up themselves with some form of that structure they chose to not pass that knowledge of ways down too their offspring, wishing him to retain their teachings of: '...everyone is born equal, even other creatures. You make your own 'inner power' ( aka pride ) by your deeds not by what you are told you are...'

- Naive in the dynamics of deception, greed, and relations of and to others in general of more 'dark' persuasions.

- Empathetic and almost eagerly willing to share anything he finds, hunts, or ideas he comes up with that he feels are 'improvements'.

- He is not a picky eater but nor is he a pig. If it is meat ( or 'other' ), doesn't smell TOO rotten, he will get his teeth onto it. He is even willing to try some berries and roots but has paid the price before for eating bad berries. He is a bit more of an 'omnivorous' eater than most canis, he will eat insects and often enjoys it ( as an example ).

- Pitch's voice is very akin to Stephan Musiol aka Dero Goi's ( english speaking 'version', of course )

- Curious and not timid about it. Pitch is prone to asking rather than assuming and sometimes his harmless probing can result in not-so-great outcomes or in conversation that can come off as nosy.

- Honest. Sometimes too honest for certain situations.

- He hates excessive chatter/noise.

- As a pup to near 'adulthood' Pitch hardly ever changed from his Lupus form but ever since he had to be more independent he had chosen to regularly keep the Optime due too its dexterity and very useful nature.

- Not easily angered and has never fought in his life.

--- more to be added later ---
Pitch was born to a small "community" in a lush valley tucked amongst snow-capped mountains. The term "community", rather than pack, is due too the unusual close-nit ecosystem where even the local Grizzly did not mind sharing a close proximity with the small family of a proud male Interior Alaskan Wolf, a strong-hearted female Mutt and their adventurous sole male pup. The Luperci couple being a pair of banished wanderers that sought a place to call theirs and stumbled upon this perfect home. Overtime the couple realized that they could benefit from sharing -some- kills with the others of the valley as they felt that being on the good side of a monstrous adult female grizzly that reigned supreme in that valley was much better than being on its bad side. This unique way of thinking is how the male, Otter, came to find a mate in a Dog-Mutt, Fern. That relationship earning Otter his banishment by his traditionally strict Alpha/Leader.

The Valley home they found together ended up being like an oasis in a desert. The tall mass of mountains nearly surrounded the entire area making a perfect harsh weather blocker. Due to this along with it containing its own natural spring made the valley flourish and any animals who found their way there found it hard to leave such a perfect place. The menagerie of wildlife grew more diverse through the years yet all of them seemed to form a peace and some even becoming "friends". This is how
Pitch grew up, being raised into the beliefs that sharing and understanding can go a long way for everyone involved by living in it and witnessing it everyday. He was sheltered in that "perfect" little pie of land and did not know that that place's way of life was an exception to the rest of the world.

Along with all the good that the valley contained it became to have a burning scar for
Pitch the morning his father passed away by the end of a buck's antler during a training session for Pitch. Pitch never blamed that buck nor did he grow bitter by the loss. He accepted it. He understood it and took it as a harsh lesson. Life could be short... life was precious. All of it. His mother , Fern, however filled herself with despair over the sudden death of Otter. She mourned for days with not eating, drinking nor hardly moving at all. Pitch could feel that she just needed time and he gave her the space as he was old enough to hunt -some- on his own. He would bring her food daily even if all he had caught that day was a water rat. With days of this he eventually won her back into life but seemingly a bit too late as in her weakened state she had caught disease from malnutrition/bad hygiene. No matter how much she tried to eat, it was to no avail. She gravely accepted her own fate and told Pitch on her deathbed that having a broken heart was the worst affliction of all. Pitch soaked those last words in to his very soul and with both of his parents... his heroes... faded from this existence. Although he did not dwell on their tragic deaths the valley no longer felt like 'home' to him. With steady paws, a brave heart and a sad determination he headed over the mountain pass for the last time... confident in the knowledge his mentors passed onto him and still strongly feeling the love they gave him all his life. The world was out there and he felt the need to 'know' it...
Father: Otter Cliffdweller
Breed: Interior Alaskan Wolf ( Example: Alaskan Wolf )

Mother: Fern Darkwood
Breed: Dug Mutt ( Hints of Chow, Pitbull, Belgian Shepherd, Great Pyreneese and some Unknowns aka a general mutt )

-Their bodies lie in a small, reclusive, valley tuck away amongst one of the vast many Canadian mountain ranges "lost" somewhere between Kaktowic and the Solbjorg Valley.

Littermates: None, there was only one born in the litter

Friends: None at the moment, but very friendly.

Other Relatives: Unknown to Pitch, his parents never discussed their 'past lives'.
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Pitch's "Theme song":

Cat Stevens - "Moonshadow"
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Sums up his mostly 'upbeat' attitude towards life.

Pitch's "Voice Comparison":

Oomph! - "On Course" ( English Version )
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