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Male 21 Dec 2012
Coyote Hybrid Ortus
Toshiro’s body has taken on the fiery coloration of his mother, Aeron, but in darker hues, like his father, Helotes. His main pelt coloration is a ruddy rope color, fading to a lighter color on his underside and he has several instance of brandy beige in his coat, mostly on his underbelly but also on his back legs, tail and the inside of his ears. Toshiro has several instance of brandy beige in his coat, mostly on his underbelly but also on his back legs, tail and the inside of his ears. On Toshiro's snout is the most vivid of his colors, a brown bramble blaze, inherited from his Lykoi father. This identifies his lineage and he quickly notices that none of the other members of Anathema have such a marking (excluding his brother). Toshiro's eyes are a beautiful rich Shakespeare blue; a rarity in both sides of his heritage, a feature that when he grows older, he will use to his own advantage when it comes to seducing a mate. He is a little larger than his brother Kentaro, in weight and height, his long legs obvious even as a pup, and while he is larger than his sibling, still he manages to keep something of a lean form. His young age means that he carries no scars or nicks from fighting, despite his playful tussles with his brother.


As an adult, his hair has grown back to its full length. Tosh will be keeping his hair long for a while, so he pulls it back and wears his hair up in various ways to keep the long hair out of his face while training and fighting, he keeps his hair up especially when he gets into a fight he's been expecting, long hair can be disastrous if an enemy manages to grab it.
Toshiro is a real momma’s boy and although he is no crybaby, he will often refer back to Aeron or Charm when he comes up against something he is unsure about, seeking their advice before tackling things on his own. His name means ‘intelligent’ which suits him, and it shows as he takes after his mother when it comes to leadership qualities, often times preferring to simply sit back and assess the situation before making any judgments or decisions. The pup takes after his father when it comes to his affinity for females – being raised by two mothers, Toshiro is totally comfortable in the presence of females and as he grows, this will become something of an advantage to him. The boy is fiercely loyal to his pack and his family, and being the son of the Angela, Toshiro feels it is his duty to behave fairly well as whatever he does is a reflection of not just him but his whole pack. The pack is somewhere he feels safe, and while in the presence of strangers or outsiders, his behaviour is calm and respectful, at times when he is in the company of only close family and friends, the pup in him emerges and he can get a little boisterous, especially as he plays with his brother and sister.
Born to Aeron Ganesa on 21st December 2012, Toshiro and his brother Kentaro were products of an arrangement between the Anathema Angela and Helotes Lykoi, of the Inferni pack. Aeron and her mate Charm, being of the same gender, were unable to conceive naturally without the help of a willing male and so Helotes was brought in to stud. His mother was alone as the two brothers entered the world but the new pups were quickly greeted by a few family and close friends. News of the boys’ birth spread rapidly throughout Anathema, bringing joy to the pack that their numbers had swollen and that Aeron perhaps had produced the natural heir to the pack. Given his obvious size advantage over Kentaro, Toshiro is the more likely candidate despite being the younger of the litter. As he grows older, the pup will maintain a close relationship with his mothers, as he considers Charm to be just as much of his family as Aeron herself, as well as others close to Aeron, taking advice from them and learning from them. His relationship with his brother is incredibly close, as well as with his younger sister, Isolde Sawtooth, whom he feels it is his duty to protect, given that he is a little older than her, though only by two days.
Father: Helotes Lyoki
Mother: Aeron Ganesa
Siblings: Kentaro Lyoki
Half-Siblings: Basilio Lykoi, Azucena Lykoi, Kára Lykoi, Isolde Sawtooth, Versace Inferni, Wraith Creed, Lucilla Key, Pride Tormenta, Viper Arsenic Trombetta
Sibling In-Laws: Isolde Sawtooth, Kohaku Amarok, Amorette Aston
Mates: None
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