Toby Foster

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Wolf Verto
Toby is an Eastern Timber Wolf. He is noticeably smaller in size compared to other Eastern Timber wolves as he is a runt and developed poorly due to lack of nutrition during a period of growth. Toby has a soft tenor voice, and carries himself lightly. He is light footed and graceful at times. His ears and tail tend to give away his inner thoughts as he does not regularly filter his body language. He is lacking in the muscle department and is very slender. Toby’s ribs are just barely visible beneath his coat. His coat is cream, orange-brown, and dark gray. The patches above the eyes and on the ridge of the back all the way to the end of the tail are dark gray, while the muzzle and underbelly are a cream color. The rest of the surrounding areas are a mixture of lighter and darker oranges and browns. Toby’s eyes are a golden yellow and his nose and claws are a deep black. Toby currently has no body modifications as he has only recently become a Luperci Verto. He does have one long scar on his back left hind-leg as a consequence of falling into a ravine after being spooked by a loud unidentified noise. Toby is a nervous Eastern Timber Wolf. Having only just become a Luperci Verto, he finds himself coming into contact with new and unusual situations way out of his comfort range. When faced with these new situations, Toby often finds himself unsure how to respond, preferring others take the lead in the social interaction. Despite being nervous, he finds comfort and solace in the solitude of nature, sometimes accompanied by one or two friends. Toby is shaky around large groups as such numbers have led to unwanted fights in the past, but knows his survival will require cooperation with large groups in the future.
Despite his nervous demeanor, Toby is an inquisitive wolf and loves learning new things such as traditions and personal backgrounds of others. His natural curiosity can get him into trouble as he has a tendency to engage haphazardly with novel situations. Toby often dreams of finding a pack of his own, desiring the close familial relationships he was deprived of as a pup. This desire can lead him to act aloof though, as his social ineptitude drives him to appear uncaring and unaffected to those around him. This facade is easily looked past if reading Toby’s unfiltered body language.
Born into a litter of five, Toby was the youngest, scrawniest pup in the pile. Both his father and mother are non-Luperci. As the runt of the litter, Toby was often excluded from social gatherings. His father quickly left after mating with his mother, leaving her to care for her pregnant self and soon to be born pups on her own. After a harsh winter Toby’s mother decided to abandon him at the age of 8 months, hoping that the care and lessons he had received would proof enough to sustain him. Left on his own, Toby barely survived by resorting to hunting smaller creatures and digging up roots of edible plants. As this was an important stage of development and Toby did not receive much nutrition he became underdeveloped even more so.
While resting one day, Toby saw a hybridized wolf-dog standing in the distance. Toby went to cautiously greet the fellow, who was a Luperci. His name was Ford and he had decided to take pity on the noticeably smaller Toby by consensual mixing of their bloods to make Toby a Luperci and banding together to find a pack for the pair of misfits that they were. Ford had heard of the land of Souls and steered them towards the eastern side. However as they were making their way to the neutral territory nearest CDM, they decided to traverse Hakyon Mountain’s precarious landscape. Ford had lost his footing near the edge of a cliff and fell to his death. The lost friendship scarred Toby but he knew he had to continue on to CDM to find an accepting pack.