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Mackenzie Valley Wolf Ortus
Like many of his ilk, Arnoux is large with a distinctly feral appearance. He is mostly in his Lupus or Secui forms, only shifting into his Optime from when absolutely necessary. Arnoux's fur is a mixture of dark grey, light grey and white. His eyes, meanwhile, are amber in colour. While not overly muscular in his Lupus form, Arnoux's long and powerful legs make him appear to be rather gangling. He stands at thirty-four inches at the shoulder and weighs one hundred and thirty pounds.

In his Secui form, Arnoux is somewhat larger, with a bulky frame, deep chest and larger paws. He also sports retractable claws and a rather shaggy mane. In Secui form, he stands at forty inches at the shoulder and weighs one hundred and fifty pounds. Arnoux in his Optime form resembles a stereotypical werewolf. He still has his retractable claws and his thick and shaggy mane extends down his back. Arnoux is fairly muscular in this form, too. His height is an imposing six feet and seven inches and he weighs in at a rather hefty one hundred and eighty pounds.

Overall, Arnoux looks like your average Mackenzie Valley wolf. However, he is occasionally seen with a female northern goshawk named Beau.
Arnoux is not a simple savage, despite his feral appearance. Although he is a Luperci wolf, his way of living is more akin to his non-Luperci brethren. Arnoux believes he was meant to hunt on four legs as that was how he was born. However, he will use his Optime form when needed. Arnoux generally prefers to be alone when not doing pack-related tasks or activities.

He also has a great respect for birds of prey, due to his upbringing. To Arnoux, they are the hunters of the sky and that they should die on the wing, not under the paw of a Luperci. As a result, he has a fairly strong bond with Beau, even though she is not always around. When Arnoux is not hunting or socializing with other pack members, he will often sit in a quiet place and listen to the sounds of nature around him. He seldom gets angry, but the things that will cause him to snap and snarl at someone else are few.

Arnoux is angered when people do not show birds of prey proper respect. He is not one to force his beliefs on others, but he will call out someone if they do not acknowledge birds of prey as the predators they are. Arnoux also finds hunters who do not give Mother Earth proper respect after they make a kill irritating. To him, Mother Earth can be a wrathful entity and thanks must be given to avoid any bad karma. Arnoux also values humility and thanking Mother Earth for a successful hunt is a sign of being humble.
Arnoux was born and raised in a feral Luperci pack, much like the vast majority of Mackenzie Valley wolves. However, his birth pack was rather unique in their shamanistic reverence for nature, especially birds of prey. Arnoux was taught to have respect for the wilderness around them as it was a part of Mother Earth. He also learned to never kill a bird of prey, unless it was absolutely, as birds of prey were hunters of the sky and were meant to die on the wing. Arnoux's childhood was rather average.

However, he was not the most social of pups. It had little to do with a dislike of others, but more of a desire to observe nature. It was something that Arnoux could not do when he was in a crowd. Of course, he enjoyed honing his hunting skills with the other pack members. That was how he met Beau.

Not long before Arnoux was due to disperse, he was out hunting with the other wolves of the pack. Things were going smoothly, until one of the others found an injured northern goshawk. Arnoux took a liking to the bird and called her Beau. The two bonded while Beau's injury was looked after. Arnoux even managed to teach her some high speech, albeit rather broken with a mix of low speech hawk sounds. Eventually it was time for the wolf and goshawk to part ways as it was time for Arnoux to head off on his own like his ancestors had done before him. Little did he know that he and Beau would meet again one day.
Arnoux's birth pack, Beau the northern goshawk