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Oleastro is of average height and athletic build; all square shoulders and lean, whipcord-strength; with nimble digits primed to pluck their prize from betwixt too-lax fingers. He carries himself with easy self-assurance: loose-limbed and fluid in his motion.

His appearance gives little indication of his non-domestic heritage. He has cocked ears and a long, shepherd-esque face, his nose, nails, and pawpads differing shades of pink. Save scent, he is nigh-indistinguishable from the lay dog.

In hues of black, tan, and mottled pewter, his short, sleek fur loosely resembles agouti, albeit a starkly inverted form. He is palest along his back, chest, and upper skull; ruddier on his undersides, paws, and the insides of his limbs; and darkest wherever these two colors converge.

In Optime, his hair alternates between charcoal and storm gray, streaked with silver throughout. It falls over his brow in a state of constant curly disarray.

Oleastro's eyes fall between brown and hazel, too pale to be deemed either. Large and almond-shaped, they're quick to betray his emotions.

His only attire is his pair of loose buckskin pants, which he tends to forgo outside (and occasionally inside) of public settings.
The product of a neglectful and tumultuous upbringing, Oleastro has had the importance of self-sufficiency instilled in him from a young age.

He inherited his mother's restless feet and her desire for an existence without constraint, but his romantic notions about life and love can lead him to develop attachments to places and people that make his constant journeying difficult. His attempts at settling, however, have never been very successful. Monotomy drives him to aimlessness, and the idea of fully committing to something repels him.

It may only be that he has not yet found a place capable of holding him. He is predisposed to picking out the flaws of a single thing rather than appreciating all it has to offer — largely driven by his aversion to fixity.

Though inclined to compassion, Oleastro is selfish in many respects and will not go out of his way to assist strangers if it entails putting his own life in jeopardy.

He has a propensity to rush headlong into situations without anticipating the consequences, which has gotten him into numerous scrapes in the past. While unlikely to confront the core of this issue, through trial and error he has learned how to work his way out of particularly tight spots.

His nature hinges upon the divide between his lust for adventure and his inherent survival instinct; Oleastro is not above imperiling himself for the sake of a cheap thrill but hesitant to do so on behalf of others.

Nevertheless, behind a crude, jaunty, and sometimes belligerent exterior, Oleastro has a capacity for good. As with many things, however, he is disposed it ignore it, accustomed to the simplicity and convenience of a fluid morality.
Oleastro is the youngest of his slew of siblings and half-siblings, born into one of the numerous litters between a gypsy woman, Carmela Reyes, and her various paramours.

His childhood was tumultuous at best; Carmela's wanderlust was notorious amongst those who knew her — a trait she passed on to her children. Much of Oleastro’s early life was spent on the road, biting at the heels of the rest of the Reyes clan; and at his mother’s in particular, battling fruitlessly for her attention.

Nevertheless, things changed once he had undergone his first shift. As he became more and more independent, Oleastro grew tired of living in his family’s shadows. Ultimately, he resolved to strike out on his own, and for many months he made his trade out of scavenging and thievery — occasionally banding together with other vagrants to pull off greater endeavors.

Inevitably, his luck soured after he, alongside a party of fellow highwaymen, was embroiled in a plot to steal livestock - culminating in the inadvertent death of a ranch hand and forcing him to flee.

From then on, travel lost its leisure. With the victim's vengeful family at his back, he fled further north in hopes of finding refuge.
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