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In Character

Female 27 Apr 2017
Wolf Ortus
As of now, she strongly prefers her Lupus form but can occasionally be seen in Optime form - though not typically when she is around her brother, Finn. While she is dealing with her grief however she is almost exclusively in her Lupus form, preferring the familiarity and simplicity of it. This may change with time.
She can be described as heavy-boned and at times on the heavier side in general as she is prone to gaining excess weight when not actively traveling.

In terms of color, she is a 'sandy-golden' overall. Along her back, top of her tail, top of her head and ears it is darkened, while her underbelly, neck and legs are much lighter in tone. Though the differences are not heavily contrasted, all following a mostly golden tone which can be blinding in just the right light. She also has a white blaze on her neck, under her eyes, paws and a blaze on top of her muzzle.
Her pawpads and nose are black. Her eyes are a strong amber in color.

Lupus: Her strongly preferred form. She is much more agile and less clumsy in this form than the rest as she is most familiar with it. The excess weight she sometimes carries is less noticeable in this form. It is, however, rather obvious that she is on the stockier side with thicker bones than most.

Secui: She is least used to this form but may use it in non-serious spars. She tends to be much more clumsy in this form than the others so she doesn't remain in it for long.

Optime: New to her, to an extent, but something she has been experimenting with since she was able to start shifting. Any time she is around her brother, she maintains a more feral, hunched over posture with sloppy movements. But on her own time she has been experimenting with better posture, though she still adamantly refuses to do anything that might make her more 'civil', aside from tying her hair into a ponytail (but really that's just out of practicality).
Primary Traits
Blunt ⚛ Adventurous ⚛ Boisterous ⚛ Bossy ⚛ Sweet

Secondary Traits
Energetic - Cheerful - Fierce - Unforgiving - Loyal - Playful - Reckless - Caring

Blunt: She tends to have no filter, but not usually out of pure maliciousness. If she does offend someone, she doesn't usually see why it's a big deal. Social graces can often be forgotten if she becomes particularly energetic or excited.

Adventurous: As long as she has friends and family with her, she is more than eager to discover new places and cultures. She is also very open to trying new things and becoming the 'best' at it (like fishing, for example)

Boisterous: She seems to have boundless energy and motivation for things, to a fault, as she can accidentally run over others in the process. As of current, this trait is severely reduced as she works through her grief.

Bossy: Though in terms of new ideas and 'leading the pack', so to speak, she is very much a follower, she can also be rather bossy in general regardless of position. She likes to tell others what to do and often moves the goal posts just to boss others around even more.

Sweet: Though her rivalries with others can run deep, she is genuinely nice to others outside of that. When she compliments others she means it every time. She also is very much a people-pleaser at times and will cater to them heavily (but not in the sense that she will be a doormat for others, though she may do this at times).

As for her secondary traits, it is important to note that while she is very positive and nice towards those she's loyal to anyone who crosses her or her family/friends will never be forgiven, as she holds grudges for a very long time. This is surfacing to an extreme after the death of her father and is causing prejudice towards more 'civilized' wolves, as she believes that a nearby pack (who were more civil than them) had murdered her father.
She also harbors some distaste for her mother, who also attempted to appear more civil.
Currently, she is rather depressed and is not taking very good care of herself. She is more prone to negativity and a bleak outlook, but it is slowly turning into a motivation in itself. Though she has had to come to terms with her father not being the invincible warrior she thought he was, she has been taking up that role herself, becoming slowly more determined to be stronger than him as she moves out of the fog of depression.

Speech: She is rather chatty if she's not in a bad mood, though not to the point of rambling. She uses simple words, sometimes super lazy pronunciation due to her time with wolves who spoke that way. She can be rather mean if someone disagrees with her or is trying to limit her freedom in any way, but otherwise can be overly sweet with others.

Posture: Usually confident, if a bit clumsy.

Abilities: A great hunter of large game, but is very poor at hunting smaller game due to her tendency to trip over things if she has to change course too much. She is adequate at fishing, as she used to live along the coast. She is also adept at fighting, more accurately sparring however as she has never been in an actual fight. But otherwise, she has rather limited life experience and contact with other groups.
Born to what should have been an average family in the hills of North America, Dawnfrost spent most of her childhood blissfully unaware of the stresses that plagued her siblings and parents.

The pack was as traditional as traditional could get - Lupus-loving forms and a family-based unit, comprised mostly of of a few families and some outsiders. It was non-competitive, open to all, even those with a shaky past, so long as everyone remained on the same page and their best behavior.

Dawnfrost quickly established herself in the pack, thriving in the self-made competition between herself, Finn, and other similarly-aged pups. Though she lived a mostly care-free lifestyle, it wasn't long before the competitive edge pushed her to try harder to make a name for herself as much as her father and Finn had. This was fueled further by her father's absence, off fighting a self-proclaimed kingdom for an extended time. Though she always believed he would make it back, victorious as he had always been, her siblings remained doubtful.

Tensions between her mother and father continued once he returned to the pack, though Dawn had not consciously clued into it as much as everyone else had. Instead, she was much too focused on her rivalry and her father's return to really notice. It wasn't long before the family, minus Finn, decided to change packs. Though this obviously saddened her, the prospect of adventure was enough to convince her to give it a shot.

It was there in the coastal pack she met her cousins and her aunt, as well as the pups from the other family that resided there that she would soon make fast friends with. The reason of her parents wanting to move the family had not fully been understood, though she did know something was a little off since her brother had opted to stay behind.

Things were perfectly okay, until they weren't.

The news of her father's murder had been delivered by her mother one day. It was then the cracks in their relationship had suddenly become very clear, as her mother was escorted by another male Dawnfrost did not recognize. Believing her mother had lied and actually scared her dad off on purpose, she set off on proving her mother wrong.

But the reality was painfully clear - her father had gotten himself killed during a fight with someone else. It shattered her belief of him being invincible and caused a large rift between her and her remaining family.

So she left, fleeing the reality of it all.