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Rialu appears to be a slightly smaller wolf, as she is very tall for a coyote. Her coat is a copper-and-cream colour. Her facial and bodily patterns are from her father's beagle-husky side. Her fur mainly consists of a burnt copper, varying in intensity. Rialu has lighter cream spots, in comparison, which dot her body in both large and small patches. Rialu’s eyes are a deep, dark maroon.

Rialu’s ears are very wolfish and husky-like. Her snout is the averagelength for a canine of her dominant coyote heritage. She possesses a solid “wolfish” build, as well as being lean and fairly muscled; menacingly so for her stature.
Extroverted and full of things to say. She is highly opinionated, and can be loud-mouthed at times. Rialu likes to do things with a hands-on approach, and is very tactile, as well as impulsive. She has a boundless knack for socialization when she's in a decent mood, and cares little about what others may think of her.

In the wake of experiencing the death of her father, as well as feeling at fault, she has become increasingly detached and even self-loathing. Rialu has a pessimistic outlook about the way things are. She can become obstinately focused, and brutally serious, usually at the same time. Rialu can also be very straightforward and narrow-minded at times. She is brutally and honestly selfish, addressing this openly. Rialu hates when people expect her to care for others, as she feels that it's pointless to try. Deep down, this is due to failing to protect her father from a brutal bear attack. She is also deathly phobic of bears as a result.

She is undeniably cold, yet she might prove to show glimpsing signs of warmth when interacting with close friends. Sadly, it is very difficult to become so close with her, as she spurns everyone she meets. She pushes people away, in fear that she might lose someone else she cares about if she gets too close; she prefers to not get emotionally involved and invested in others.
Rialu was born in the west, and raised into a more advanced luperci family. They resided on a small farm which they built together. This was for a year in Quebec. Her father, Grant, taught her everything he knew about archery, and they formed a powerful bond through their hunting trips. While Rialu and her father were out hunting in the winter, a freak accident caused a black bear to attack her father. Failing to come to her father's aid, she returned home in stone-faced shock. Rialu felt that she was the one to blame for the tragedy. The young girl ran away soon after, leaving her mother, as she couldn't handle the responsibility for his death or the guilt she felt in her own safety. She ventured further east, into the Maritimes.

Later, she meets Virue, who was an Inferni scout at the time. After some convincing, she decides to join the coyote clan to turn her thoughts away from her unresolved past.
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