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In Character

Female 23 Sep 2016
100% The Mackenzie Valley (Canis lupus occidentalis ortus) Ortus
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous
Eye Color: Storm Grey with Heterochromia in both eyes making them look split vertical between Grey and Sky blue
Fur Color: Mostly black with grey flecks on the ruff and grey circles around her eyes (see links)
Hairstyle: Keeps feathers in fur at all times,
Body Type: A tad on the lean side
Build: athletic
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115
Birthmarks/scars: Has a burn line on right shoulder from a childhood accident and fight scars from her time as a slave. Tribal marks resembling a circle within a circle under her left eye marks her ancestry but, more importantly leaves a compelling memory of a former life. Branded on her right shoulder with a spade in a Dimond to show she is a slave
Distinguishing Features: small scars all over muzzle from fighting. Her right ear is floppy from being torn in a fight. Bite scars on inner neck, shoulders and arms from repeated attacks.
A leather necklace with a carved Labradorite stone in the shape of an incomplete circle is worn around her neck as a family heirloom

Style: Native american shaman healer
Mode of Dress: wears light leather armor that covers her everything from her waist to her knees like grieves. Has a leather belt that holds her dried herbs and small sachet of dried meat for travel. Have two escrima sticks in sleeves around her waist above her tail. Has a small sack of dried herbs and seeds from her knowledge of herbal medicine. Has a smaller pouch that holds her smokes. Wears a cloak to cover scars
Grooming: Well kept. Knows which herbs to use to cover scents and make soap
Posture: assertive and defiant
Gait: Normal
Coordination: She is extremely coordinated from many years of conditioning as a bait wolf. Quick on her paws and even quicker with her escrima sticks. Slightly slower in her lupus and Secui forms but not by much
Habits and Mannerisms: Almost always smoking an herbal cig when she isn't sparring or hunting
Scent: Pine needles, salt water and oranges
Health: In good general health
Energy: High energy (Enfj)
Memory: Sharp memory. Makes it a point to remember scents and faces especially if they have committed a crime
Senses: Above average because she used to fight in death rings.
Allergies: none
Handicaps: none
Medication: Smokes herbs that help with inflammation from her years as a fighter
Phobias: scared of coyotes because of her time in slavery
Addictions: sparring and hunting
Mental Disorders: PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nightmares
Psychology: (INFJ) Quick-thinking and quick on her feet.
She has lost too many friends, and is slow to make new ones for fear of them getting hurt around her. Cautious to those she doesn't know.
Self-discipline: Brooding but very kind and caring once she lets you in
Social attitude: a bit of a loner due to her past. Fearful of coyotes because of her time as a slave fighter
Ideal: Protect and care for those who cannot protect themselves
Emotional capacity: Non-judgemental and Detached. Wary but caring and affectionate once she gets close to someone. Likes to help those in need when she can and is well versed in herbal medicine and reading. Enjoys teaching combat skills.
Current emotional state: Hopeful
Bond: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Flaw: She isn't easy to approach at first because of her past. She is wary of everyone because she was betrayed by someone when she was younger and automatically distrusts first. Nyla can come off as bit of a loner but secretly wishes someone would take the time to see past the wall she has put up to keep herself safe both emotionally and physically. She longs to be loved by someone and find her place in the world
Nyla Silas was born in the lower United States to Armon and Plumira Silas. She was the second oldest out of four and often the one most in trouble. She was constantly picking fights with her sisters and being a complete trouble maker for the pack. She was constantly being reprimanded for her foolery and at around seven and a half months, after she accidently burned down a hut (luckly no one was in it at the time but she had to build the family a new one as punishment) her father became her watcher and mentor.

At a very young age, her father had noticed his daughters fighting potential and after a few sparring matches with her, began teaching her the tribal ways of fighting and sparring (a mix of Muey Thai, Filipino martial arts and Bushido) that had been past down from generation to generation. As one of the last descendants of the Rokai warriors, Nyla train long and hard to master her skills with the escrima sticks. Her most are valuable possession is her father’s slightly rusty metal escrima sticks that he passed down to her to practice with. She continually practices with them until she has fully mastered them.

It had been one of her father's great great grandfather's that had traveled across the sea and during his travels, stayed with a distant pack of warrior wolves, learning their ways and practices as his rite of passage. The knowledge he brought back from his travels and the wolves that came with him changed the Rethos pack into a pack of peace warriors. They all believed peaceful existence, only fighting when the livelihood of the pack was threatened

He taught her the seven vitiates of Bushido and the value of life while they hunted and sparred. While most of her fathers pack worked the lands for food and shelter, her father often patrolled the pack boarders as a sentry. Most days he would take her out with him to teach her about the pack histories and teach her how to fight without killing.

It had been her uncle Micah that had introduced her to the escrima stick style of fighting and she learned quickly it was easier to knock someone out than kill them making her vow to herself never to kill unless need.

As she got older, her mother started to teach her herbal remedies she had brought with her after her own pack had been attacked by coyotes and almost completely wiped out. Her mother and a few others had escaped, her mother bringing her knowledge of reading and herbal remedies with her. Nyla started taking more interest in healing herbs when she sustained a nasty burn on her right shoulder rescuing her people from some coyotes that had stolen some of them in the night. She had gone toe to toe with a coyote named Powell and had had the upper hand and would have knocked him out when she was attacked from behind and burned with a torch and escaped.

When she had come home with a big-blistered burn on her shoulder and various other wounds, her mother had taught her how to treat her wounds and in doing so, sparked Nyla’s interest in healing herbs. She was reluctant at first but after a few days of pain, welcomed learning how to make the ointments and treatments to help heal wounds. It was because of this herbal regiment her mother taught her that she was able to heal her shoulder burn with minimal scarring and her fur showing promise of coming back in.

During her 12 month rite of passage, her packs land was attacked by a Coyote slave pack. Her father, mother and older brother were killed in action defending the pack from the intruders. Nyla's Uncle had taken them to safety after her father told him to take them and run, her last image of her father was him being cut down by the main coyote in charge. They thought they had escaped and had been free for a whole month when the trackers found them in the night. In exchange for Nyla, her uncle was able to leave unharmed with her younger brother and sister, both only a few month old at the time.

From there, Nyla was taken to a slave pack and branded with a diamond spade on her arm as a way to show her ownership. Her master was a cruel coyote, the same on she had injured all those years ago and after finding to what extent Nyla could fight, commissioned her for the ring of Nox, a fight to the death wolf Luperci only death match. Others would place bets on who would win and the master of the winning slave got a pay bonus. She was with the pack until her second birth year (25 years old) when her last owner died of unforeseen circumstances. Her new owner was worse than her last and after he found out that Nyla had found a lover, pitted her against her own mate in the ring. After she refused to kill him, her master killed her him in front of her and left her in the cell with his body for the night. Nyla planned her escape from that night on, vowing to get revenge on her Uncle for selling her, her need to avenge her mate and find her brother and sister bringing her strength in the ring. She became undefeated, her knockouts in the ring drawing in the crowd.

But the masses had come to see wolves die in the ring and howled for her to kill her enemies. After her refusal to kill the top contender, her master refused her food and only gave her enough water to survive by. She went days without food, praying that her plan to escape worked. It was this thought that had given her enough strength to kill her guard, then kill her master while he slept, the first and only beings she had voluntarily killed on her own free will. She had released all those under him and escaped from lower North America after she set fire to the death ring and started a revolt within the coyote pack, many of her people escaping.

After hearing about slave free packs in Canada, Nyla had started her journey on foot and over her travels was able to procure a horse (Dahl) from a merchant and after saving an injured crow from some barbed wire, a companion to talk to. Now in her search for her uncle and siblings she has been brought to Canada.
Pack (Former): The great tribal pack of Rethos (disbanded)
Father: Armon Silas (deceased)
Uncle: Micah Silas (Alive)
Mother: Plumira Silas (Deceased)
Sister: Luni Silas (Alive)
Brother: Kyrin Silas (deceased)
Brother: Sawyer Silas (Alive)

Current companions
Dahl- horse
Sosin- crow
Fur Color: Colored like number two fur layered like number four. Not my art. All credit goes to chicken business

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How she looks in the death ring:
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