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Bisoi is a thick set, shaggy iberian wolf, mexican wolf cross. He has classic dark, tawny coloring. His back is a dark ticked gray, that fades into a light tan underbelly. The crown of his head carries the dark coloring of his back, though his bright amber eyes are framed in a sandy brown, melting into a snowy white chin and adjoining dark muzzle stripe. He moves surprisingly smoothly for his size and is an experienced tracker in the woods.
He is nearly always found with a pair of mink, two brothers that he raised from an abandoned litter. Bisoi usually keeps close to water, often found in the rushes with his minks as he tracks down small prey. As he spent much of his time solitary or within small groups, he rarely hunts large game. Though, his adept trapping skills keep him well fed with more than enough pelts to trade off for supplies and books. His mink have made him especially skilled in tracking and hunting rats, which he enjoys cooking over a fire or sharing with his companions.
Bisoi also cares for a little donkey, which he acquired from a small herd in what once was northern Maine. Now more than two years old, the donkey, named Watercress, has become a fast friend and often carries Bite and Scratch in opposing saddle bags for the lazy mink to sleep off their hunt.
Bisoi carries a weathered blacksmith’s hammer at his along with a lethal looking hunting knife. The items had been passed to him by his father and with steadfast care, the tools have retained their effectiveness and serve as a means to defend himself and provide food.
Despite his size and mountain ways, Bisoi has always been a kind character, rarely resorting to violence to meet his ends. Instead, he often finds himself carried away by his need to help and appease others. In the past, he spent his entire winter assisting a small settlement of coydogs in building homes and trapping before returning on his own way.
He is blundering in his speech, quite taciturn at times, and shy at his best. He is slow to anger, but at times does not stand up for himself when needed. Though, he is decidedly set in his independence and determined to be self reliant. Though he has had many adventures, he does not enjoy gloating and usually decides to keep to himself, revealing very little unless pressed.
Bisoi is deeply thoughtful and believes his time alone in the woods is therapeutic. His mind is quiet and sound among the trees. Despite his steely demeanor, the taciturn wolf is often rattled by loud situations and busy settings. During times of stress, he highly relies on the companionship of his donkey and two minks.
He often muses about regrets, past experiences. Those lucky enough to gain his trust may hear half of what he thinks. He will often observe animals for hours without shifting. He feels gifted when he sees something new, having been patient and steady. All that he learns goes back into trapping and appreciating the vast wilderness he has been allowed to explore.
Bisoi was born May 3rd, 2014 in the crux of four great rivers, a place once known as northern illinois. It was a community of many wolf, heralding from many places and brought in by the rivers. The forests surrounding were vast, the waterways many and the hunting good. He was one of three pups. His brother, Ozen, was born before him, squawking in hunger. Bisoi came next silent and sturdy, and his sister was born last with a grace she’d always have. She was named Grazia.
The three of them were born to Basur and Hopi. Basur was their hulking father who held high status within the riverside community and brought home much meat from the honor hunts and skillful trapping. He was gruff, but never unkind to the three pups. He had come from Basque country, a long boat trip away but had found his home among the temperate forests.
Bisoir’s mother, Hopi, was a cat faced she wolf that had traveled from the far south where it hardly ever rained, where the soil was often dust. She was playful and keen, never a fool to the pranks of her three pups. Bisoi had clung to his mother when he was young, never keen to talk, knowing that his mother would always know the words.
It was a peaceful upbringing. They grew up sleek and fat, from fish and game and even some crops from the river’s rich soil. Their community was a fusion of folks, some had never shifted while others had for their entire lives. Most enjoyed the shared safety of being in both worlds.
Bisoi and his family had always been shifters, enjoying the dexterity of hands and the flexibility to choose. Though, even some shifters never took to their bipedal forms. As Grazia aged, she preferred to stay on four paws. She took to the water and became an adept fisher wolf through her first two years.
Bisoi and her were close companions during those early days. The pair of them would hunt the marshes until their bellies were full. They spoke some, but mostly became stealthy hunters with trap and paw. Sometimes they would assist Ozen in his playful schemes, he had a fiery spirit and was the brawn to Grazia’s wit and Bisoi’s steadiness.
As he grew, Ozen decided to tend horses and continued on a brash path, trying to impress the she-wolves and earn a name for himself. In the end, he all he found was the underside of an unruly stallion.. An unlucky hoof caught him in the crown of the head and he never woke up from his long sleep. It was a moon before his second birthday. The pack mourned for a tide and buried his body in the dark soil.
The community seemed a much quieter place after Ozen passed and Bisoi started looking towards the tall lonely hills in the distance. So, for six months he planned, saved, and created a way for himself to survive. In his preparations, he found a cold nest of young mink. Most of the litter had expired, but two little males were huddled in middle had managed to survive. Bisoi took them into his care and embraced the opportunity to work the intense little predators.
He named them Bite and Scratch and they became his steadfast companions.
He fashioned a leather pack from the profits of his hunts. He smoked meat, enough to get him through the days of uncertainty. Bisoi did this quietly, determined not to upset his family with his leaving. Though, it wasn’t long before his parents came to him and blessed his journey. They had both made long journeys of their own and knew of its pull. His mother gave him the hunting knife she had stolen from a bandit long ago. While his father gave him an old blacksmith hammer that he had lovingly restored from just a head and a rotted handle.
Bisoi was nearly moved to emotion by their generosity and knew that this was what he was meant to do. It took longer for his sister to understand. She felt utterly at home within the marshy woodlands they inhabited. The world beyond had always frightened her. Bisoi said what he could and tried to show what he couldn’t. She felt betrayed by him leaving, as though the last of her brothers were dying.
Grazia never understood and the day that Bisoi left, she turned his back to him. As he walked further and further from home, he wondered if it was all a mistake. Though, as weeks turned into months, he traversed the side of the appalachia far into the north east. He spent a season in Maine, where Watercress came into his life.
The little donkey was from a feral herd and though she was difficult to tame, she was able to expand his supplies and make survival that much better. He met many along the way, though he rarely stayed for more than a night for most. He was not unaware of more primal desires. And once he spent a summer with a small settlement of coyotes. After two years of traveling, he met the ocean for the first time and wandered its shores and nearby streams.
That shore brought him to Nova Scotia. Now, nearly five years old he may have found a place to rest for a few seasons. Though, the winds have brought him scent of many wolves, of forests teeming with wildlife but also the worry of competition.
Basur - Father
Hopi - Mother
Ozen - Brother, deceased.
Grazia - Sister
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