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North American Coyote Ortus
Alfie is a fairly large North American coyote, with the average coyote appearance of thick brown fur - several shades of agouti-brown mixed and layered, with a darker brown strip along the middle of his back and on the tip of his tail. His underbelly is a lighter brown, almost a light grey in colouration.

As for his face - Alfie has dark brown on the tips of his ears and white fur on the inside. His eyes are a bright yellow, with flecks of orange around his pupil, and he has a fairly tired look constantly, due to the darker brown rings of fur underneath his eyes.

When stood upright in Optime form, he reaches a about 6 foot 9'' tall, is slim - a little underweight due to his constant exploring and activity, but not the weakest. In his opinion at least.

More defining features of Alfie are his piercings - his lobes being stretched to around an inch in size, with black silicone tunnels, with two silver additional earrings just above. These delay his ear movement a little, and mean he has to be cautious around branches and such, but otherwise cause little concern.

Otherwise, his appearance is simply that of a large coyote. Until you notice the piercings, obviously. (He only managed to have these through finding the jewellery and attempting to clean and restore it, from where humans clearly were in the past, and his mother successfully piercing his ears, something she knew how to do from previously piercing her own in the past.)
Personality wise, Alfie is very curious and adventurous, although quickly defensive and denies a lot of this, almost embarrassed by his own interests.

He enjoys exploring new places, and can often be found in the woods, lifting up rocks and logs to find small bugs and lizards - or even collecting up small animal bones and rocks he finds while outdoors.

He's never been one to simply sit around and be lazy - he's much too energetic and hyperactive to not be out exploring. This could be seen as a flaw, but Alfie likes to think of it as something good.
He's also pretty creative, enjoying keeping track of what he finds through any means he can, like painting with whatever supplies he has.

He likes to make sure everyone's happy, and wants to please everyone any way he can, and can be quite gullable and easily manipulated.

Despite all of this, Alfie can be serious when needed and is quick to snap back if insulted. He sticks to his opinions till the end and can be surprisingly rude and sarcastic at times, especially if he's frustrated or stressed out. This is mostly due to how anxious he can be, subconsciously deciding that being defensive is easier than hoping for kindness.

Unfortunately, like this, he also gets overwhelmed easily when under pressure or around lots of people and is prone to being quite pessimistic and worried at times. He also has a tendency to stammer, repeating his words or saying 'uh' a lot, when stressed or anxious.

What he lacks for in social skills, he makes up for in his compassion towards others, and despite struggling to know what to say sometimes, he still tries to help out any way he can.
Alfie was born on the outskirts of North America, although he can't quite remember whereabouts, as his family soon moved to Canada after his birth.

He lived with his mother for a while, as his father left pretty quickly before he was born, claiming he simply lost interest in Alfie's mother. Hence Alfie has never had positive feelings towards his father, despite not meeting him.

Alfie stayed with his mother as loners up until he was around 11 months old before she passed away at the age of only 7 years due to a nasty infection in a leg wound, suffered while hunting down a particularly grumpy deer.

After a time of grieving, he decided to become a self-proclaimed wanderer, doing exactly that. Wandering around with no specific destination in mind. He'd simply wander, sleep where he could, and collect up interesting things he found while doing so.

Eventually, he began to consider joining a pack or at least finding others to be with, realising how lonely he had become without his mother. It had only been 4 months since she passed.
These days Alfie still wanders but now looking for a fitting pack or group to join or at least some sort of companionship.
His mother, Rose Brown, passed away at 7 years old due to an infection.
His father left when he was young.
For now, he lacks friends he stays in contact with, but looks to change that.