Jetta Salvias

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In Character

Female 04 Apr 2015
Dog hybrid Ortus
Lupus form: 27 in, 73lbs
Secure form: 40in, 155lbs
Luperci form: 68in (5’8”), 195lbs.

(Rhodesian Ridgeback 55%, Mexican Wolf 10%, Dutch Shepherd 25%, Husky 5%, German Shepherd 5%)

The result is a creature reminiscent of Anubis who, perhaps, had an illy timed affair with an American mutt. Jetta has a proud broad head, long and powerful of muzzle, with scissor jaws (upper and lower teeth connect when bitten down), dramatically pointed ears, and intense almond-shaped eyes that are coloured a shade of light green. She is streamline and leanly (but densely) muscled, with an agile and powerful grace.

Her colouring, at first glance, is little to comment on—until one realises the deepness of her russet, a glossy red wheaten hue marked only by the white starburst at her chest and three white paws (the two front and rear left). In addition, her face is covered in a dark mask, stopping just below the eyes. She is also distinguishable for the light bridling that covers her haunches, shoulders, and ribs.

Additionally, she has inherited some of her ancestors unique ridge of fur: down the length of her spine is a ridge of hair that grows in the opposite direction.

Unlike many hybrids, Jetta is unfortunate in the sense she does not have as dense of a double-coat. Instead, she has relatively thin fur. As a lupus, she is extremely sleek, with the length only increasing slightly at her hackles and chest. As a securi, the density/length increases substantially into a main, but remains lesser than most (especially higher content wolf-dogs). The colour changes into a darker, deeper russet. As a Luperci, her mane is at its longest and styled in an almost mohawk-like fashion, with slim braids intermingled within it.

Now that she is in a much colder region, as a Luperci Jetta is almost always clothed. She wears deer-skin pants, which she made herself, a long-sleeved deerskin shirt, and is also in possession of a very thick coat, made out of a cougar-hide and layered with deer and elk hides. In addition, her shape in this form is rather "girlish" instead of outright feminine, lacking curvaceous hips or generous breasts. Instead, Jetta has a rather squareish figure her shoulders and thighs made broad with her lean musculature while her hips are boyishly narrow.

(Coloring example: 2490811-708075.jpg)
The first aspect of her character: Jetta is an extremely passionate woman, an attribute which is both a strength and deficit. She is capable of both extreme mercy, and cruelty. Jetta does not exist in states of "medium" internally, despite that may be what she externally displays. She is an invested creature, who throws her entire heart and soul into whatever she chooses are her enterprise. A loyalist to a fault and imbued with an incredible--and self-destructive work-ethic--she is willing to move mountains for the causes she sets herself on.

But, due to her passion, Jetta Salvias is an enigmatic figure, often contradictory, often volatile.

This, in part, is a direct result of her intense self-loathing, a byproduct of her complicated past and her inability to move on. The main reason she finds herself in Souls is for that very purpose: to leave behind a past that has defined her, has moulded her into a creature she never expected becoming. She struggles with her contradicting natures, with her desire to be good and also her alignment with survivalism, with her brutish tendencies, and doing whatever is necessary for both herself, and those she is loyal to. These traits manifest as a capable self-confidence an an unseen self-deprecation, an unwillingness and inability to take compliments, and constant self-punishment.

In addition, Jetta is analytic, and because of this attribute, she comes across as intense. Little escapes her. Her hyper-vigilance is sometimes awkward; sometimes overbearing; sometimes unnerving. She notices more than most. This is partially a result of the fact she is constantly weighing her options; to speak, not to speak, to fight, to flee, to befriend, to ignore, to love, to hate. In order for her to properly evaluate the worthiness of an endeavour, she must truly listen and observe the circumstances.

Because of this, she is also inherently patient. She is not quick to act; although she is quick to react, if necessary. And, again: this is one of many areas where she is contradictory. She may spend a long time weighing her options, but she often settles upon a judgement for an individual within the first few moments of meeting them, an archetype, and this is likely by which she will judge them for the rest of knowing them. Jetta decides upon these judgements with the condemning whimsy of a secular god. If Jetta is anything, it is an extremist.
Jetta Salvias was born under a different name. Once, she was River of the Pheoixa’Dais. descends from the survivors of the midwestern United States: more specifically, there was a Rhodesian ridgeback breeder outside of what was once Phoenix Arizona. The canines (totalled well over twelve) who survived from the facility, prospered with the coming of the Apocalypse in the deserts of the new country.

By the time she was born, the Pheoixa'Dais pack had migrated about 250 miles eastward into what was once the Gila National Forest. They set had set up a permanent residence along the Gila River some ten years prior to River’s birth, and that was where she was raised. The best way to describe their life was “tribal”, but she had doting parents and a number of siblings.

At a year, River attended a group of pack-mates who went to Santa Fe in order to trade. The journey was long but necessary, and annual. There was a large festival there each year in May. Unfortunately, this is where the direction of her life changes dramatically.

When out exploring at night with her brother, getting into mischief, she was separated. She found herself among twisting dark alleyways, where she witnessed something she shouldn't have: an assassination.

This was a pivotal moment in her life. She could have been killed for witnessing the act; instead, she was kidnapped and taken away in the night. River was given two choices by the assassin: either he would kill her, for what she had seen, or she could choose to become his apprentice. She agreed to the terms because the only thing stronger than family loyalty was her inherent desire to survive.


Her decision to become this man's apprentice led to a complicated three years. She adopted the alias Cole and later learned the man was named Stark Salvias. He came from the far north, where it was in his family lines to be an assassin. Where he led her was through the old West.

While this aspect of her past is a long and winding one (after all, it led her across the larger part of the United States, spending a large amount of time in Texas, through the south, and into Virginia), there are only three things that are important to know in brevity:

She loved him.
He was a monster.
And she left him to die.

In this, she herself became a monster. It was to fulfil a promise: if he were to be dishonest to himself, if he ever became worse than he intended, she promised she would end his life. His past drove him to drunkenness; his drunkenness drove him to abandon his family, and behave rashly. She would be lying if her own self-deprecation did not lead to her decision; if she had realised she could not live, any longer, as a secret and homeless killer.

All of these things combine to motivate Cole to change her name to Jetta, swear away her previous occupation, and seek out a new life among the occupants of Souls.
Tobias Pheoixa'Dais - Father
Jocasta Pheoixa'Dais - Mother
Jeremiah Pheoixa'Dais - Older Brother
Sashta Pheoixa'Dais - Older Brother
Caine Pheoixa'Dais - Younger Brother
Rolfo Pheoixa'Dais - Younger Brother
Saifa Pheoixa'Dais - Younger Sister

Unnamed (6 months now) - Son
Unnamed (6 months now) - Daughter