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by Becky! <3
respectful • amicable • coquettish • loyal
aloof • stubborn • vain • arrogant

Fennore is a wanderer at heart; she has never felt right staying in one place for too long. However, this leaves her a bit lonely and longing for interaction with others.

Civil and admittedly a bit of a diva, Fennore is a relatively level-headed young woman that wants to travel and see all the world has to offer her.
• born into O’Hartigan clan in the midwest
• big 'Irish' (not ethnically Irish, but rather modeled themselves after the traditions) family
• finds the atmosphere with her family somewhat disingenuous, a bit stuffy
• but adores her little sister, who is very much into the ‘culture’
• as they get older, growing restless and wanting out
• decision only solidified when her parents force her to go through with a ‘coming of age’ rite
• against her will, branded and summarily tattooed with a thurisaz, supposedly a gaelic rune of protection
• parents are disappointed when she announces her intent to leave
• sister is especially upset and disowns her
• not wanting to revel in their chagrin, leaves soon after
• drops her surname since they left her with something else she can't ever rid herself of
• arrives in ‘Souls after a few weeks
Fennore (Celtic, Irish) : white ghost
O'Hartigan (Irish) : descendant of Artagán

Father: Aidan
Mother: Ithiwen
Sister: Eesold
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