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Eastern coyote Ortus
Lyssa is an eastern coyote, with roots back to the coyote-wolf hybrids of the Great Lakes region. Her colouration is primarily a mix of red and gold, with a tan undercoat and chocolate saddle that runs from the middle of her back down to her tail. Lyssa’s build shows some connection to her distant wolf heritage, with a larger size and dense, medium-long fur, but still has primarily coyote features with a thin muzzle and bushy tail. Overall her look is very disheveled; her fur unkempt from many miles of traveling, and her right ear is missing a chunk on the outer side from a fight she no longer remembers. Her most prominent feature are her eyes. Her yellow eyes seem to glow in the dark, and sparkle with flecks of gold in the sunlight.

Lyssa primarily stays in her lupus form. She has been alone from the age of 8 months, and has yet to get used to her optime form, finding her lupus form to be more practical. Throughout her travels she has experimented a lot with her secui form, as it has been useful in hunting larger game. Overall, Lyssa has not adopted to any humanized traits, as she does not see a need to be bipedal nor wear clothing given her nomadic lifestyle.
Lyssa has been alone for a long part of her life. She is very wary of others, as she does not know what to expect. Strangers make her feel nervous, and large groups even more so. She doesn't know how to tell who is a friend and who is a foe, which creates a huge wall between her and others. As well, she misses her family and home. These two emotions are constantly fighting against one another in her path to move forward. Lyssa has no idea how to reach her goal of finding a new purpose, but she knows it involves interacting with others. From her loneliness, a sort of strength is born. This strength is her determination to overcome these feelings of fear and nervousness around others in order to become whole again.

Lyssa is survivalist. During her months alone, she has been able to hone her hunting and tracking skills. She has proven to herself again and again that she is self-sufficient. Never once has she relied on others, and never does she wish to be indebted to others. Lyssa has never needed to ask for help, both because of her independence and of her wariness of others. As well, she believes that she must face all her hardships alone. Nobody must carry her burdens except herself. Often this appears to others that Lyssa seems ungrateful or standoffish.
Lyssa has been on her own since the age of 8 months. All she can remember before that time are flashes. Flashes of giggling and tumbling around with her litter mates. Flashes of her mother’s cheerful smile. Flashes of wolves approaching her den. Flashes of snapping teeth. Flashes of screams. Snarls. Pain. Red. Trying to remember any more makes her head hurt and fills her head with cloudy thoughts. She tries to keep those thoughts suppressed as it is easier to move forward that way.

Since then Lyssa has traveled. Her travelling has been aimless, mostly fueled by the need to fill her belly, and the need to keep moving forward. For around a month she traveled the forests of Gatineau, straying further from the place she had called home. Sometime when her mind was wandering, her body would naturally start heading towards the direction of home. Once woken from that spell she would be struck a feeling of dread and heartbreak. “I can no longer return there,” she would say to herself. While Lyssa could not remember exactly what had happened that day, her instincts knew that there was no reason to go back.

Lyssa reached the St. Lawrence River at the peak of the season of brightly colored trees. The peaceful river calmed her, and her resolve grew. She needed to find something to fill the empty void within her. She needed a purpose. With that Lyssa began to follow the flow of the river, taking in the sights as she went. For 8 days she traveled along the river until she came upon Lac Saint-Pierre. One evening she ran into another loner coyote who spoke of a large group of coyotes who lived to the East, near the Ocean. These coyotes had a great pack, none that has ever been seen in this region. He told her to head east till she found the St. John River. If she followed that river, she would find them.

Nervously, she followed the words of this stranger. She hoped that when she was there she could find new purpose. She needed his words to be true. She needed to find a new place to call home.
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