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Eastern coyote Ortus
Image Lyssa is a survivalist. During her months alone, she has been able to hone her hunting and tracking skills. She has proven to herself again and again that she is self-sufficient. Never once has she relied on others, and never does she wish to be indebted to others. As well, she believes that she must face all her hardships alone.

Despite this, Lyssa loves to make friends with others. She cares deeply for her friends that she's made, and will do anything to protect them. Her friends have become one of her most important parts of her life.
Lyssa had been on her own since the age of 8 months. Her traveling has been aimless, mostly fueled by the need to fill her belly, and the need to keep moving forward. One evening she ran into another loner coyote who spoke of a large group of coyotes who lived to the East, near the Ocean. These coyotes had a great pack, none that has ever been seen in this region. He told her to head east till she found the St. John River. If she followed that river, she would find them. Nervously, she followed the words of this stranger. She hoped that when she was there she could find a new purpose. Luckily, members of The Cartel took her in, and taught her their lifestyle. Lyssa's confidence has grown immensely from their help. Lyssa now fills her time with working on the farm, or taking care of animals. In her spare time she likes to go on long hikes and meet new people.
Best Friends: Twelve, Fennore O'Hartigan
Roommate: Alejandra Sanctus
Partner: Nobody :'(
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