Orion Knight

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Casa di Cavalieri
First Cadet (NPC)
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In Character

Male 18 Nov 2018
90% Wolf, 10% dog Ortus
Species: 90% Wolf [26.25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 21.25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 12.5% Russian Wolf, 11.25% Arctic Wolf, 6.25% Italian Wolf, 6.25% Scottish Wolf, 6.25%] 10% Dog [Rough Collie, 3.75% Eastern Timber Wolf, 3.125% Grey Wolf, 3.125% Irish Setter]

Lupus: 37 in 165 lbs
Secui: 48 in 210 lbs
Optime: 7ft 3in 265 lbs

Orion is tall and strongly built, coming from a long line of large men before him, his pelt is dark and rough, with earthen and grey tones intermixed across his body, coming to a solid dark tone over his hands, feet, and face. There is a nic in his right ear, and his eyes are mostly green, with flecks of yellow in both, due to heterochromia.
Stoic, calm, level headed, quiet, a bit aloof, likes simple things, preferring not to over complicate matters.
Orion was born late 2018 in Casa di Cavalieri, he recently had his mentorship ceremony, having his grandfather, Darkness Hushhowl, named as his mentor.
Grandparents: Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder, Darkness Hushhowl, Hartt Attaya

Parents: Remus Knight, Night Hushhowl

Sister: Starlight Hushhowl
Click Here Orion is fluent in Russian as well as English.