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Female 12 Dec 2015
Coy-dog Ortus
12 is an extremely skinny (nearly emaciated), greasy, stinky coyote woman. She often looks quite unkempt and scruffy, like she really needs a bath. Her mane is chopped short and asymmetrically, and is usually pushed back, sometimes tied back with a bandana. When engaged in physical activities, wiry muscles can be seen easily under her fur. She is conditioned from many years of hard labor.

The most notable thing about her are her extensive scars. Lash marks criss-cross the entirety of her back side. Her hands are also terribly scarred from her years of work. Her tail and ears are cropped shoddily. She has the number 12 underlined with three dots tattooed on her stomach near her left hip; the ink has stained the adjacent skin blue.
Unfriendly, extremely crass, and not afraid to speak her mind. There wont be too many people who will warm up to her, and she will most likely never warm up to anyone. She does have a pretty good sense of humor though, if not a little dark. Extremely rough around the edges and just unpleasant to be around.

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