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wolf Ortus
Valencia is a typical Eurasian wolf, but one with striking ice blue eyes. Her eyes are the traits she is most proud of, because in everything else she’s just an ordinary wolf. She’s quite young, only about 15 months old at the moment.
Her coat is mostly reddish brown, with a streak of black on top of her back and a black tail-tip. Her cheeks are covered in white fur that contrasts with the red on top of her head and around her eyes. Her muzzle is relatively long and pointy. She’s of average length and has long legs, suited for running long distances.
She is used to being in her Optime form because her parents are in that form most of the time, but actually prefers her other forms (that just feels more natural for her). When she is in Optime form, she likes to comb her hair/mane forward in a fringe. These black manes are long and soft and run down all the way to her shoulders, where they taper and form a ridge of longer fur on the top of her back.
She wears a necklace of a lapis lazuli, a blue gemstone, that emphasises her blue eyes. Her best friend gave it to her, and she always wears it as a memory of the people she loves back home.
The first impression Valencia makes on a stranger might be that she is a bit shy, but anyone who knows her better can tell you that is not the case. She just doensn’t waste any words on things which aren’t important in her opinion. Also, she takes her time to form her opinion and isn’t quick with her judgement. She is in fact quite sociable and likes hanging out with other Luperci her age. Her friends describe her as a kind wolf who’s always ready to help someone else. She has a natural curiosity over her, and is a quick learner. If you get her going about something that interests her, it’s hard to stop her talking. And if she has set her mind on learning something, she will, against all costs.
She has a special interest in humans and their behaviour, mainly due to her parents. She tries to grasp the things they did, but has never fully succeeded in that.
Although she can accept a lot from others, when you get on her bad side, she won’t ever trust you again. Some might say she is too proud to forgive others, and also sometimes too proud to admit she’s made a mistake.
She will do anything to protect the ones she loves, but she can annoy them with her stubbornness sometimes.
She was born in Berlin, and raised by her loving parents. She lived on a small farm, built in the remains of a human farm, just outside of the city. Her parents belonged to the “elite” of Berlins Luperci, as you may call it, meaning they were more educated than most Luperci. They even tried to organise a central government (which failed time after time). To go short, they think that Luperci should be more like humans. For a long time, Valencia believed this to, and was eager to learn about the ways of humans and even learn how to read and write. As she grew older, and learnt that some Luperci lived more like feral wolves than she lived, she began to doubt her parents’ convictions. Once she heard about the feral Luperci and wolves in Canada, she immediately wanted to go there. Although her parents advised her not to, she went to the port in Lisbon, took a sailing boat and after a long journey, finally arrived at the other side of the Atlantic. She is curious to what she might find, however, will she be prepared? After all, she’s never left the “civilised” world of Europe before.