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Gray Wolf (100%) Ortus
Luno is a pure blooded Gray Wolf coming from the lands north of Canada. He shifts to his different forms from time to time, usually when the task demands it so. Luno personally prefers staying in his Optime form. What distinguishes him from the other wolves is his cheek fur that inexplicably curls upward and his hooded eyes— a physical trait that he inherited from his father that made him look a bit more... unapproachable. He also carries a somewhat confident aura around him, and is often seen slouched in his Optime form.

Unlike his siblings and parents, the color of his eyes didn't change when he matured, retaining a turquoise color (#40E0D0). His fur color is mainly dimgray (#696969) and gray (#808080) that fades down to silver (#C0C0C0) and light gray (#D3D3D3) as it reaches his underbelly and further down. The color is also starts at his forehead and spreading around his face, muzzle, and chin. The fur connecting his spine to his shoulders remained gray (#808080). The color of both his paw pads and nose is black (#0d0d0d). Luno also liked having his claws long, measured around the length of 4-5 cm.

He stands at 6'0 in his Optime form, and believes he's still growing. Weighs around 83 kg. (193 lb.) and is quite skinny. Before he was separated from his pack, Luno was only allowed to use his Lupus and Secui form because of his father's strict rules. He hadn't ran for four months and his diet is limited to small creatures that he can only manage to kill.

Weighing around 37 kg. (81.6 lb.) and standing at 79 cm. (31 in.) in his Lupus form. Comparatively, in his Secui form, he is around 68 kg. (149 lb.) and 110 cm. (43 in.).

The lupine smells like the undergrowth. Luno also lacks the "mane" or "hair" when in Optime form. The only article of clothing he has is a woven, leather bracelet at his right wrist.
Aside the innocent face and gentle words are introspective eyes. Empathetic in nature, he tries to understand where the people he talks to are coming from and relate to them through his own experiences — trusting his gut to guide him how to respond to others. Approachable and friendly, Luno can easily be pulled to a conversation anytime with anyone. You have to look out for his remarks though and not take them to heart, for most of those are usually jokes.

Luno is not only soft-spoken, but also decisive and strong-willed. Nothing else makes him content like creating a future that he can share with the people he completely trust.

Seemingly serious and aloof at first glance, Luno actually has a heart of gold. His altruistic nature urges him to act in concern of another person's well-being.

One could say Luno is an oddball. He does what he wants and is typically feigning ignorance. Quite childish in nature, Luno also have a great sense of responsibility and sees himself as a completely mature adult. He acts calmly— perhaps too calmly when it comes to pressing matters. No matter what kind of face he shows, he takes everything seriously.
Born as Marisha Eulalia, Luno was assigned a feminine name due to the mistaken assumption he and his littermates were all female — a mistake that his father, Serre, blamed to the exhaustion he felt that one special night. Superstitions that promised bad things then came into play, and the boy was forced to keep his name. The truth though, which Luno later found out, was that the superstition is only applicable to boats.

The origins of his pack remain unclear — his memory hazy on the fact, although all he had was his father's words to believe in if he’d recalled anyway. His best guess was some northern section of Canada. It mattered little what the starting point was though, they were already traveling south when he was born, and no one spoke of why they were traveling in the first place, forever remaining a mystery. They just kept moving, staying in a place for a week or so, then moving on.

Naturalists, his birth pack rejected optime form, placing lupus and secui forms on a pedestal and declaring them the most natural and right ones. They wanted to be as close as to what "wolves" truly are, denying the use of bows and became dependent of their claws and teeth.

By luck or pure fortune it remains to be seen, he was separated from the pack one stormy night whilst hunting, a misstep sending him down a muddy cliff. Luno was knocked unconscious from the drop, and he deemed himself lucky to even survive the fall. When he regained consciousness, night had fallen and the rain has reduced to mere showers. Despite being alive, he hadn’t escaped without injury; pain at the lower end of his back and paw confirmed that he was hurt badly. Without any viable way back up, nor was he in the condition to attempt the climb, he started moving forward with his three good legs.

Exhausted and starving, he found a den somewhere that night. His legs too tired and his body aching with dull pain, he forgot to properly check the cave before settling in. As it turns out, it was occupied by a grizzly bear with newborn cubs that immediately saw Luno as a threat. It was too late before the wolf realized what situation he was in though. One swipe of the bear's claws and Luno sustained a gash to his left shoulder.

Needless to say, he ran away. Adrenaline running high and preventing him from sleeping, he settled in for a sleepless night under a small precipice. Licking his wounds until the rain stopped, he remained there, sustaining himself for months by luring rabbits and squirrels to him — a trick his mother, Laure, taught him. It is difficult, he realized, to live alone. He never saw his pack again, and he assumed that they thought he died.

In his three months of recovery, he could weight bare on his paw again and the wound on his shoulder had almost fully healed. Separated from any wolf to talk to, his boredom was great and he felt very lonely. In his time alone he experimented with his ability to shift from Secui to Optime, but quickly swapped back to Lupus in fear of something bad possibly happening due to the injury he’d sustained on his back. Figuring it was still healing due to the persisting pain, he knew he would need help to survive: a pack, friends, someone to be with at the very least.
Mother: Laure Eulalia
Father: Serre Eulalia
Sister: Felicia Eulalia
Sister: Rowena Eulalia
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