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sweet • caring • girly • sympathetic
gullible • submissive • emotional • weak

Aly is an innocent, delicate flower, always willing to see the best in people and put others before herself. But she is also very susceptible to her emotions and may be a bit too trusting, and this can lead her into unsavory situations now that she is alone and without protection.

If she could just curl up and sew pretty dresses all day, she would. However, fate (or God, in her mind) seems to have other plans, and Aly is in for her greatest test of faith and strength yet.
• born in Zion to the Boreas faction alongside her brother, Immanuel; the father is an unknown dog scoundrel that sought refuge in the area, sort of forcibly approached her mother, and left before she even knew she was pregnant
• her mother Lydia is a bit upset that she had puppies, more so because she is unhappy with the Boreas way of life and does not want her children growing up in a war-torn, hateful environment
• they remain in Boreas for a few months as Lydia rears her children and plans an escape, as leaving the faction is seen as a grave sin
• just before Aly's first shift, the small family steals away in the middle of the night
• they travel in search of more peaceful lands and do not stay in one place for long; Lydia knows that, albeit infrequently, Boreas wolves tend to migrate west to seek vengeance and doesn't want to get found by them
• as such, Manny and Aly are quite aware of the Boreas conflicts in the west, including their old wars waged with Salsola and Inferni
• however, as Aly grows older and restless, she hears from travelers they encounter that there is a sizable trading population in the west -- the same land of Boreas's enemies
• oblivious to the supposed danger, she sees traveling there as an opportunity to trade her goods and gain more materials and patterns, though Manny and Lydia are less than convinced, seeing 'Souls as a ruthless, coyote-infested frontier
• after many weeks of pestering and prodding, Aly finally convinces Manny to travel west with her, just for a few weeks, so she can secure new fabrics and trade what clothes she had crafted prior
• begrudgingly, he accompanies her, and they set out for 'Souls
• before even reaching the rumored lands, however, Manny gets cold feet, demanding they forget the adventure and return home to their mother
• Aly is stubborn and refuses to throw away their progress; they argue, and in the end, Immanuel angrily turns tail and leaves Alejandra alone in the wilderness, figuring she will follow him once she has come to her senses
• but Aly is determined to complete the goal she has set forth for herself, and continues onto 'Souls alone, though she is quite distraught and upset that her brother actually had the gall to leave her :[
Alejandra : defender of men
Gianna : God's grace
Sanctus : Latin - literally 'holy' ; Christian hymn

Mother: Lydia
Father: Unknown
Brother: Immanuel
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