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Lover of animals, reading, writing, and roleplay. I have 5 pets -- 4 dogs and a cat. Ask me about them! Currently, my goals are to better myself in my current position and become a vet tech. Eventually, I'd like to go to college for it. You can usually find me on in the wee hours of the night. Stop by and say hi!

In Character

Female 12 Feb 2017
Wolf Ortus
Her fur is long and luxurious (though no longer than is normal), always well-groomed in spite of herself. Tufts of fur protrude from the edges of her face, granting her a very flocculent appearance. With a base coat that resembles the color scheme of Fall, Ialys is embellished with the complexion of nature. It covers her wholly, like the earth of her environment, and represents who she is at her core well. A motley scheme of greys, black, browns, and white, beginning from the tip of her snout and ending at the tip of her tail, gives her the ability to be an efficient hunter when the year finally yields to Fall.

Accents of black line her ears and the corners of her eyes. Her coat is bespeckled in a fine mist of the same hue, like darkness cast by a topiary at high noon. Her eyes are a fiery gold, intense in their appraisal of the outside world and the creatures she meets. Her paws are mostly white, typically tipped by large, black retractable claws as she spends most time in her secui form unless, for some reason, she should have need of opposable thumbs. Her underbelly is also white and fades into that woodland coloring at the edge of ribcage. In her [i]Optime[i] form, the coloring is similar, with her mane being a mixture of mostly whites and browns and a smattering of black.
Much like the object the color of her woodland-kissed coat resembles, Ialys is a sturdy character -- as sturdy as a tree that has been rooted in the same spot for thousands of years. She thrives on being dependent to those she loves and deems hers to protect, and while she's certainly not prone to violence, she will do what she sees fit when it comes to safeguarding her loved ones.

Perhaps because of her alignment, she tries to see the good in all whom she crosses paths with. She's never let the laws of a land dictate her own beliefs, though she does try her absolute best to only associate herself with communities that have values that mirror her own. However, this does not mean that she's naive. Even at her young age, she has learned one vital lesson: "when others show you who they are, believe them", meaning that, once you have lost her trust, she'll be hard-pressed to grant it again. She casts a warm light over those she awards any amount of credence to and wintry gloom over those she doesn't.

Sometimes, she's not the easiest wolf to get along with; she can be blunt and forthright with her opinions and observations. But once you have her confidence, and once she's welcomed you into her heart, protected as it is, she will go to the ends of whatever means for you and then some, for this is what family means to her.
Ialys was a miracle pup.

Her mother was never supposed to be able to conceive, but after a lengthy amount of time and many attempts, Ialys was born, a single pup, to the parents who so desperately wanted her. All was well for the first few hours -- until her mother fell sick. Though her mother was a healer, she was no midwife; she wasn't aware that she hadn't finished birthing, that one pup (a stillborn) had not yet been born and was now stuck within her, causing sickness as it festered. She passed days later, and though Ialys' father was able to find another whelping she-wolf to nurse his remaining pup, this spelled a hard life for Ialys.

In their pack, births that cause death were bad omens. It meant that more deaths would follow via plague, famine, and whelping. Her pack was a deeply religious one, and as soon as Ialys was old enough to thrive on her own, old enough that she could hunt just well-enough to survive, she was excommunicated, left behind when they migrated -- by her father, her pack . . . by her family.

She hasn't seen them since, and though she's not truly sure if they expected her to survive, she did. In the dense forest full of deadly plants and predators who were more murderous still, Ialys clung to her growing knowledge of herbs and healing. She taught herself as much as she could . . . and when she found herself migrating (in the opposite direction of her pack), she vowed that whatever family she found, whichever pack she came to call home, would never know a cold word from her.
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