Phoenix Whitesage

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Mistfell Vale
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In Character

Male 10 Jun 2014
hybrid Ortus

by Westy! 8D
confident • flirty • friendly • adventurous
short-tempered • bull-headed • prideful • insecure

Phoenix is your typical cowboy heartthrob: he definitely think he's something to be reckoned with and he'll make sure you know it. But as suave and smooth as he is, he's still very reluctant to actually commit to someone, and this can lead to a lot of awkward situations as much as he likes to canoodle.
Phoenix : name of a mythical bird that lives for five hundred years then perishes, only to rise from the ashes and fly again in an infinite cycle (also the capital of Arizona wink wink)
Whitesage : perennial shrub held sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years

Mother: Kayenta
Father: Eloy
Sisters: Sedona Whitesage, Safford Whitesage
Brother: Tucson Whitesage
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