Sophie Silverstein

Out of Character

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In Character

Female 21 Jul 2017
50% Artic Wolf 25% Dingo and 25% Australian Shepherd Ortus
Her fur is mostly white with the some spots of light and dark browns. Her left eye is blue and her right eye is brown

ImageOptime: Height: 181 cm. ( 5 ft. 9 in.)
Weight: 67.5 kg.( 148 lbs.)

ImageSecui: Height: 87.4 cm. ( 34.4094 in.)
Weight: 47.6272 kg. ( 105 lbs.)

ImageLupus: Height: 60 cm. ( 23.622 in.)
Weight: 30.8443 kg. ( 68 lbs.)

Derek Winter

NPC Animals
Bill [Stallion]
Grayson [Gelding]-Derek
Jumper [Mare]
Ruby [Hen]
Cluckers [Hen]-Derek
Coo [Hen]-Derek
Born and raised in Alaska, she helped her parents with their farm and learned how to trade from her father. They always told her tales about their old home at Midnight Shores, and she decided she wanted to see the land for herself. So she got two of their horses and a cart and filled it with some of their grown goods in hopes to also trade as she traveled.

Along the way she met Derek and convinced him to travel with her since she didn't feel right leaving him alone.
Father Hammish Silverstein