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%50 Alaskan Tundra, %50 Eastern Timber Ortus
Alena's primary fur color is Coral Reef (CCBFAB), her underbelly is Bianca (FAF5EA). Alena's paws and up to her forearms are a Dove Gray (636363) that fade back into the Bianca as it creeps up her limbs.

Alena's eyes are a striking Mint Green (9EFFAF) that portray deep understanding and true acceptance; being a reflection of her kind nature. There is a patch of Rusty fur starting just behind her ears that extends down the back of her neck that slowly fades as it reaches the middle of her back.

Alena in her Lupus form stands at 27 inches tall, and weighs a mere 75 pounds. Being on the smaller side of average has allowed her to be quite nimble and and quick her 5on paws. But also means that unless she speaks up she goes unnoticed.

Alena in her Secui form stands at 38 inches tall, and weighs 135 pounds. Retaining her small frame doesn't take away from the fierceness that this form portrays.

Alena in her Optime form stands at 5 foot 7 inches, weighing 165 pounds. Her lithe but curvy build is covered by a layer of fur that's thick enough to keep her warm, but not so thick that she wont notice the cold.

The unkempt waves of her walnut locks hang down to the small of her back and drape over her shoulders. The narrow strip of hide she always carries with her can be used to tie her locks back into a loose pony tail to keep it from getting in her way when necessary.

Alec is her childhood friend.
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